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Why do women have to shout it out from the rooftops, why can’t they be secure in the knowledge that since they are members of this society and like their male counterparts, equally entitled to this basic right? What is with the twisted thinking of the handful of men who are giving their gender a bad name?

After the recent unfortunate incident involving a bright young lady in New Delhi, India, the whole nation has come together to condemn this heinous attack on the innocent girl by some inebriated and inhuman persons; they don’t deserve to be called anything else. The law is going through a major reshuffle and the government has taken steps to ensure the safety of our women and children but have things really improved is my question?


There have been peace marches and protests all over the country. Thousands have participated in candle-light vigils, signed petitions and what not. Is all this enough to create awareness and to prevent such attacks from taking place again? Many organizations have started self-defense classes for their women employees and while it is a laudable gesture, what purpose does it serve? Take the case of Amrita from Thiruvananthapuram, who beat up her molesters while on her way home after participating in the “One Billion Rising”, event. Ironical, isn’t it? One of the accused later filed a private complaint alleging being beaten up by this brave heart, in a local court and the city police have registered a case against her based on the court’s order!

Please tell me this is a joke…defending her modesty and self respect is a crime in the eyes of the law! Incredible justice, I must say! So what message are we sending across to the women in the society in general, learn self defense and fight to protect yourself but be prepared to be tried in the court of law for your honorable actions? It is so surprising that a court accepted this man’s complaint and a case was registered against this courageous young lady.Women students were advised to carry mace/pepper sprays to protect themselves from their attackers by the Delhi University administration.

As per an article in Deccan Herald, dated August 3, 2012, Delhi University has also increased security measures on the campus.The Delhi University administration has asked women students from the North-East to carry pepper sprays for their safety.

Advising women to carry pepper sprays for their protection has other problems; it is prohibited by law to carry any such sprays in Delhi Metro. So how is it a protection from attackers? Only those women travelling in their private or company vehicles can carry these but what about the thousands of working women who commute by public transport daily?

Women can learn self defense or buy personal protection products but if they are prosecuted for trying to keep themselves safe then the purpose is not served. We need to spread awareness in society and find an amicable solution. Either we make the society crime-free so that women don’t need these safety products or we look for ways to keep the innocent citizens safe by making and implementing feasible laws and rules.
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