Remain Whole – Be Safe!!

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How many of us knew that one of the synonyms of “safe” is being “whole”? In the core it entails assuming responsibility in safeguarding every part of your physical and mental state. At the risk of sounding like a broken record – it essentially means loving yourself, for it is only when you are in good shape that you can realize your ambitions and take care of others around you.

Having said that, of course we all know the safety guidelines to something as basic as driving! So much so that if we said this article would give you tips on safe driving – we would get just about 3 hits on the link. Who doesn’t know that drunkards should not drive? It’s a no brainer! But has that stopped it from happening? Drinking increases the response time and blurs your image. So by the time your brain has registered that a tragedy is about to happen, it has already happened! The damage is you have either lost your life in the worst case or escaped with minor injuries in the least – either way you are not “whole”. Worse still the effect that the episode has instilled in you will probably never let you revert to your original self again!

The way to avoid this is well known too but unfortunately its simplicity makes it too much of a no-brainer to implement. Plan your night out well in advance, gulp those drinks down if you have to but just make sure you have a driver or friends waiting to take you home at the end.

With the invention of things like safety belts and helmets the 18th century made humanity safer than ever before. We are sure George Cayley, Gottlieb Daimler, C.F. “Red” Lombard slept well every night knowing their invention will save fatal accidents and other major injuries to a great deal. We know now that their inventions can reduce the impact of any accident by 50%. Makes us wonder, how much of a progress we have made since then, if two centuries later we are too lazy to even use something that the 18th century thought was vital!

Who doesn’t love road trips? Well actually there maybe a few out there. But those exceptions aside, there are some really basic steps to follow to be proactively safe. Ignore the smirks when you make it a point to inspect your vehicle properly for tyres, engine oil and other essential functions of your car. Go ahead and check for all the documents, emergency support & other basic necessities like the first-aid box and other safety gadgets before you leave. If it’s a new vehicle that you want to test or brag about, make yourself thorough with all the advanced functionality before you hit the road. Your co-passengers will only have you to thank in case you get into a sticky situation. Smirks will vanish into thin air and then you can really claim those bragging rights.

Traffic rules are meant to keep you safe. It’s a good thing you learned your shapes well as a child because it is imperative to know what the shapes used in road signs mean. Triangular warns you about the condition 50-100 meters ahead from where you are, round signs mean you are bound by law to follow what it signifies, and rectangular signs are informational.

Indicators are another fabulous invention! Use them and use them right. Most accidents take place either for wrong indications or no indication at all. Use your indicators at least 10 seconds in before you take a turn.

You obviously will not turn towards the person next to you for a chat while driving but also while your eyes are focused on the road remember to adjust your side mirrors so that it shows 35% of vehicle & 65% of road. It is a good practice to keep a check on rear mirror every 1-2 minutes.

Be a humanitarian while driving – leave the right lane free for any emergency vehicles or for another car which needs to over-take you. However, when you do need to take a turn remember that with the centrifugal force your vehicle might go on to other lane without your notice. Now if there is another car in that lane the outcome can be formidable.

Having said all the above – go ahead and be the hero in the road, enjoy your drive in moderate speed. Why would anyone want a great drive to end in disaster!

Have a happy and safe journey..!!

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