SafetyKart – Spreading Safety Awareness


SafetyKart and Social Potpourri organised a Bloggers Meet to invite many talented bloggers on March 9, 2013 at SDA, New Delhi. The idea behind the meetup was to spread the awareness of being pro-actively safe and how that SafetyKart goes about ensuring the same.

The meet was held in a homely, massive hall where all enthusiastic bloggers were eagerly waiting to explore more about the safety products that were lying on the table for display. The Meet was initiated by Kriti Mukherjee & Sulekha Rawat, two vivacious social partner of Social Potpourri, introducing everyone, followed by two cheerful & confident Co-Founders of SafetyKart: Vikas Bagaria & Sourav Bagaria. The two demonstrated each and every product in a candid way.

The SafetyKart team had wisely arranged unique safety products on the centre table to grab the interest of everyone. There were healthy debates & queries all over among the interesting & passionate bloggers upon products like pepper sprays, pelican sports wallet & SD card case, Adco pocket cutters, Headup Lite 2610 LED Flashlight, Electric Shocker, Barton Door Block, Multi-functional Car tool and many more.

After showcasing the products, it was the time to enjoy the cheese and wine party with all. The meet ended successfully with excitement and happiness on everyone’s face. By the end of the meet, the team also presented pocket cutters, pepper sprays along with a cash voucher of Rs. 250 redeemable at

  Bloggers Talking About Us:

The bloggers were so fascinated and excited after reviewing our products that they posted to their blogs.
1) Kriti Mukherjee, social partner of Social Potpourri says:
“The primary objective of SafetyKart is to equip one with safety in all walks of life.”

2) Sulekha Rawat, social partner of Social Potpourri says:
“I was making a mental list of products to order from this online portal to keep my family and self safe. It was a pleasant evening, well spent.”

3) Rishabh Malik, An IT professional, basketball freak, stylist, musician, a tattoo artist says:
“The head strap light (Headup Lite 2610 ) is a nice option since many of us are under the quilt readers but the taser (Electric Shocker) is my favorite.”

4) Sonia Kapoor, Corporate Manager by profession, Photographer by Passion, says:
“Am so wishing I had their memory card holder (Pelican SD card case )on that trip to Ladakh where we were scrambling to keep all those precious memories safe, or that miner’s light (Headup Lite 2610 LED Flashlight) that straps onto your forehead as one climbs a mountain or bikes across the terrain.”

5) Awungshi Philamazan, Doctor & Writer, says:
“Learnt about helpful safety gadgets, esp, because of the rising crimes against women in the country, every girl needs to be ready for anything.”

6) Manjulika P.Sehgal, Engineer by profession, Painter & Writer by Passion, says:
“Each safety product was unique and well suited to meet our requirements and the best part was they had been created to ensure safety, the word that is in great    demand these days.”

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