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Evil – What is Evil or rather Who is evil? Is it some guy in dark shady clothes or a polished person wearing an Armani jacket and showing off his or her assets? Well, if there exists any evil force, it is in our minds and hearts. It is in us, the people who cannot bring a stop to acts such as child labour which pushes a country's future into the dark. The youth of a country formulate the country's successful future. If the youth is in pain, the future of the country can never be happy.

Child labour is one of the most realistic and never-ending social evil in our society. No matter where you go, you will always come across kids selling products on the streets or working in factories to support their family or eat 2 proper meals in a day. On route to your workplace, you will see kids selling books, toys, flowers and anything that will help them earn a living for their family. It is sad, but the very truth that a lot of us come across each day, but fail to take a proper action against it. But, how can such a social evil go unnoticed? The sad part is that it never goes unnoticed, it is only that the people shut their eyes and act blind in such situations. Very few people have the heart to raise their voice against such crime. Although the Government takes initiatives to stop Child labour, a lot more needs to be done on the personal grounds. Here are ways in which we can stop Child Labour and Save our Country's Future.

Government's Initiatives to Eliminate Child Labour

Whether it is washing used dishes in restaurants or working in construction sites, child labourers can be seen in every place. The sight is heart piercing. In order to eliminate this social evil, the government has initiated various programmes that prevent kids from working in mines, restaurants, factories, etc. According to the law, any child who has not attained an age of 14 cannot indulge in any economic activity that ruins their innocent childhood. Every child has the Right to Education, an act based on which every child aged between 6 and 14 can receive free and compulsory education.

What can you do on a Personal Ground?                                                          

Never wait for someone else to take an initiative. Be the Change yourself. Educate people around you to eliminate child labour and to help young under-privileged children to receive education.

If you see people around you forcing children to work, stop them and help the kids by connecting them to children based NGOs in your city. There are several NGOs that work for the betterment of such under-privileged kids. Take their due support and decrease the percentage of child labour in your surroundings. One such initiative taken, will give others the needed inspiration to walk on your path.

Teach the children of your maid or your street kids to help them get education. Also, never support brands or products that exploit children. You may also join a group or community that works on creating an awareness amongst the people and educating them about this social evil.

So, if you really love your country, work hand in hand and eliminate this social evil from our society for a better and a happier future

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This blog was first published in Jan 2016

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