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We read, we see and experience and also know that our world is flooded now with the ‘latest technology’, ‘smartest devices and applications’ and a plethora of things intended to keep us safe and out of harm’s way.  Our homes are fortified against burglars, acts of violence and even the onslaught of nature – all because we want ourselves and our precious little ones to remain safe, happy and comfortable. But what if I were to act as a spoil sport and tell you that there are things in the house – everyday common items that could potentially be a death trap for your chubby cherub prancing around the house? Surely I jest. Not at all – take a look at these ‘hazardous’ everyday household items.  Before going further though, I must add that it is of prime importance for every household to have a basic first aid box like MediHelp Home First Aid Kit– Large and others which are readily available in the market.

What’s getting in the Way?

Lets see what are the different hazardous items or places at homes that could affect our little ones.

Your curling or flat iron !

Yes you may be careful enough to unplug it after using but remember that its heating surface is still scalding enough to give some nasty burns on your little ones tender skin. Keep it out of their reach immediately – at that age they are curious and if mamma is using it then it is worth exploring!

Who doesn’t love balloons?

Don’t tell me that you can resist the temptation of bouncing one around – I can’t. Well kids absolutely adore these colourful bits of air inflated rubber that dance about cheerily. Ensure there is someone supervising kids playing with balloons – remove any torn balloon bits instantly and also never leave deflated balloons lying around. Kids find these fascinating too – soft colourful bits that seem very ‘delicious’ – a sure death-trap.

Who would think that window blind cords could be harmful?

Well they are – kids have been known to get entangled in them often causing serious harm. There have been and continue to be instances of children choking to death while ‘playing’ with cords. This is true for any lose wires around the house.

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The ‘magical’ light from matches and the brilliance of burning candles is thrilling – for children too. Kids have curious minds that want to explore everything they see and will try to emulate whatever they see the adults doing without realizing the dangers involved in being careless with fire. Keep matches, lighters, candles and other such items out of the reach and sight of children.  Even the slightly older kids must not be allowed to use these items till they are responsible enough to handle them with care.

Coins, buttons, small batteries and such little components are most definitely part of every household and are essentially present. Keep away the tool box, stitching kits, batteries, ensure that there are no loose nuts and bolts – ingesting any of these seemingly small items could prove fatal for the child. Medical kits and the medicine cupboard too should be inaccessible to the little ones.

How many times have you caught your little ‘monkey’ trying to climb up a set of drawers, or a chair to get to the ‘goodies’ on the kitchen top? It’s their brand of adventure. Tall and heavy furniture could topple over with all that climbing and tugging and could cause grievous harm to the child and maybe even prove fatal.

This is perhaps the most common choking hazard – plastic bags.

The shiny flimsy bags seem like a great toy especially since they are light and the child can actually have ‘control’ over it. The most fun game for kids seems to be pulling these bags over their heads and then as they are unable to breathe, panic sets in making them incapable of removing them from their head. Many toddlers and infants have met a cruel death because of this ‘innocent’ everyday household item.

Safety is a mind-set – children are meant to be playful and curious – do your bit to keep a watchful eye over them.

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