Save Your Environment To Stay Happily

Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated globally by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on June 5, every year. The theme for World Environment Day-2015 is ‘Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care’.

What do we do to protect our environment? Do we even bother to save it for our next generation? I think only a minor mass considers saving environment as a vital cause for surviving today and in future. It would be a great pain if a day arrives and you are unable to breathe in fresh air,  drink a glass of clean water or for that matter stay indoors with Air Conditioners on. Have you ever pondered upon all these?

Even if you have thought upon, you might definitely think..who cares..till that day arrives..But that day is not far my dear friend, if you do not try to care now, you’ll surely lose a junk of comfort later on. So, why celebrating Environment Day on June 5? Lets take a pledge to participate in saving at least a bit of it daily. Lets see what are the ways through which we can save our nature.

Taking Care:

1. Save Water: Closing taps when not in use and repairing tap leakages save tonnes of water. Participate in saving water for yourself.

2. Save Electricity: Switch off power when not in use is a great way of saving electricity.

3. Reduce..Recycle..Reuse: Since school days and Environment Studies lectures, we had learnt to Reduce, recycle and reuse. Better late than never!! Start it now.

4. Stop Deforestation-Start Afforestation: Plant trees instead of chopping them off to construct buildings to live lavish lives. Before enjoying life, remember breathing in fresh air is more vital. Stay alert #StayalertStaysafe!!

5. Maintain hygiene: At first, you need to stay safe and maintain personal hygiene, only then you can save and clean your surrounding.

6. Use Public Transport: This will decrease air pollution and harmful impurities entering your respiratory track. Also this would prevent road accidents and loss of loved lives.

World Environment Day

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”-Ancient Indian Proverb that justifies this above image.

Images Courtesy: Bhavya