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Safety should be a priority everywhere whether at home or at work . We use various tools like knives , scissors and cutters for our daily cutting needs . But are these cutters really safe ? Well if not then safety cutters from Adco Industries is the best buy. If you are not sure where to procure them from the buying Adco safety cutters  online is the great option . The  company has different type of cutters that are absolutely safe to use for various cutting requirements like paper or box cutting .

Adco safety cutters  have be made in way to minimize injuries that might occur while cutting. The safety mechanism in these cutters prevents the blades from cutting your finger when in use . Their unique and compact deigns make then excellent cutting tools that provide complete safety. Before buying Adco safety cutters online it is imperative to know about their features

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Adco Pocket Cutter – Auto Retractable Blade- This cutter can be used both at home or at work. It is compact & very handy and be clipped to your pocket or bag like a pen .It has an auto-retractable blade which is made of high strength steel that can easily cut through cardboard, paper, plastic and even thin carpet. The blade ensures complete safety while cutting and even when not in use .It has a setting dial with three levels of blade depth that can be chosen as per the cutting requirement .The Adco pocket cutter can be used by both left and right handed users. You can also write your name on the cutter if you want an easy identification.

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Adco Easy-Cut Safety Knife – This safety knife comes ins various options like Adco easy-cut safety knife 1000, Adco easy-cut safety knife 2000, Adco easy-cut safety cutter 3000, Adco easy-cut safety knife 4000  and Adco easy-cut safety knife 5000.

These knives are completely safe to use and make quick and accurate cuts. The ergonomic handles makes it easy to hold the knives and cut with total safety and ease .The blades are very sturdy and durable and come with 3 depth blade settings .

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Adco Easy Cut Blades-  It is to replace the worn out blades of the Adco safety cutters . The blades are made of steel and  are designed  in order to take care of your safety and security on one hand and to assist  you in cutting through boxes with ease on the other. The best about these blades is that they can be sent back . Once all the blades have been used ,you can  refer to the shipping label inside the pack and send them all back . The blades of the Adco safety cutters help you in smooth cutting without damaging the boxes and can be used on any type of box .

If you are an employer then it your responsibility to protect  your workers  with safety supplies and equipment. Choose from the wide range of safety cutters and ensure total safety and minimize loses. 

There are a variety of factors involved in providing safety tools for employees. To achieve complete safety it is advisable to consider the nature of  work being done, the possible dangers involved in doing the work , and what safety products your workers require to effectively and safely finish the work  . Choose the best safety cutters and ensure a hassle-free and smooth cutting experience along with complete security of your employees using them .Adco safety cutters are the simplest way to ensure a safe and injury proof cutting experience. So don’t wait any longer ,buy Adco safety cutters online today.

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This blog was first published in September 2016