Say Yes to a Spotless Home after Holi


The festival of colour, water, fun and frolic is is tomorrow  and we are you sure you will enjoy it to the fullest. However much you try to avoid Holi, you do end up being a part of this vibrant celebration some way or the other. It is a time to enjoy with your loved ones amidst and array of colour, dance and sweets. But what happens after you’ve had a time of your life? Even though you somewhat manage to clean yourself up and not look like an alien there is colour almost everywhere, on the furniture, hand prints on the walls, colour patches on the floor and bathrooms. Now comes the time to clean up the aftermath!


Start with wiping off and removing the dry powder on the floor or on any piece of furniture. It is much easier to clean this than the dried stains.


Remove the coloured water puddles with help of tissues and paper napkins. Add a little cleaning liquid or detergent and clean it with help of a scrub or a brush. Be careful while scrubbing as it might result is scratch marks on the floor. Apply a mixture of baking soda and water to remove stubborn stains. Leave the mixture on the floor stains to dry and then wipe it clean with a sponge or a wet cloth. Avoid using this mixture on a marble floor; use liquid bleach instead for that perfect shine.


Walls are painted so always use mild detergent and a soft cloth to remove the colour stains. Do not use harsh substances like baking powder and bleach to clean as they might chip of the paint and ruin the walls completely.


Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the coloured powder on the upholstered furniture like sofas, beds, loungers and couches. Incase your curtains, bed sheets or cushion covers get stained then try to soak them immediately and then wash them with a normal or liquid detergent. To remove stains from a carpet or a rug use a solution of warm water and vinegar.


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Acetone or hydrogen peroxide is the best for removing the colour stains from wooden furniture like kitchen cabinets, chairs, book shelves, dining tables.Soak cotton in acetone or hydrogen peroxide and apply on the stains. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth once the stains disappear.


The bathroom bears the maximum brunt after Holi! The white floor and tiles can be cleaned with liquid bleach. Be careful and do not use the bleach on coloured or laminated flooring as it may be spoil it. A soft bristled scrubber or sponge can be used to remove stains sinks, fittings and countertops.

So if you are dreading your home cleaning process after the wonderful Holi celebration then don’t. Try these simple tips and restore the beauty of your home in no time. Happy cleaning!

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