Saying No To UTI


Irritation… itchiness… discomfort and that unbearable burning sensation every time you pee! Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are one of the most irritating infections that a woman can contract due to unhygienic toiletry conditions. And yes, they are completely avoidable if you take good care of your hygiene. But in a third world country like India, where hygiene is a major issue of concern, almost 80% women contract UTI once in their life, while 50% have a chance of contracting the infection at least 2 times in their life. But for a country like ours where public toilets are not properly cleaned and maintained, contracting the infection in a woman’s most sensitive body part becomes a very common thing. Shared by a huge number of people, these toilets and toilet seats are not cleaned and made hygienic after each use to help women avoid the infection. These toilets further become the main reason for various other diseases such Diarrhoea, herpes, Staph, Gastroenteritis and more.

According to a recent survey performed by CERA, one of the most renowned bathroom solutions companies, it was found that most women avoid using public toilets due to 3 main reasons:

  • Unhygienic experience
  • Water un-availability
  • Bad odor

They prefer to rather control their urge to pee or simply rush home, avoiding using a public toilet in a mall or a public place such as railway stations, offices, airports, etc. But is this the only solution to avoid UTI? No! With the various hygiene care products available these days, it is now safer for women to use a public toilet without the slightest fear contracting UTI. Products like Pee Safe and sanitized wipes help you use a public toilet with ease. All you need to do is keep your handbag stocked with a small packet of sanitizing wipes and a pee safe toilet spray. Every time you use a public toilet, simply spray the product on the toilet seat and then sit on it. The product kills all the germs and making the toilet seat completely hygienic for your use. Once you have completed peeing, simply use a sanitized wipe to clean your private parts to avoid an infection.

How do you know you have UTI?

Urinary tract infection has a few very basic symptoms that you need to be aware of. Here is a list of such symptoms which you should know and be aware of to know whether you have contracted a UTI or not.

These symptoms include:

  1. Painful urination, urge to urinate again and again. This is a lower tract infection
  2. An upper tract infection may affect the kidney, cause pain and also fever.
  3. You may suffer from abdominal cramps, diarrhea, blood in stool.
  4. Sores in intestine and nausea.

How to avoid a UTI?

Always remember that a clean toilet doesn’t imply that it is hygienic. Use a sanitizing wipe to clean or pat dry your urinary. Also, prefer using a toilet sanitizer such as Pee safe to ensure hygiene in every public toilet seat you use.

This post was first published on 30th March,2016