Self-Defence Is About Being Proactive

self defense

In the past when parents enrolled ‘tiny ones’ in martial arts or self-defense classes, it was because it was trendy and cool – not really a long term strategy to teach kids self-reliance against violence. This mind-set seems to have undergone a paradigm shift as the society we live in has become increasingly unsafe. Tales of crime and acts of violence are shoved into our faces each morning through the newspaper and throughout the day over news channels and the internet. It’s making us and our children paranoid because we feel helpless against these maleficent factors.  It’s time to stop being in reactive mode and switch to being proactive – take self-defense seriously.  Self-defense is a mind-set – against paranoia and towards awareness of one’s surroundings and our own safety and the safety of our loved ones.  There are a number of products that help with feeling safer like the Ninja Kubaton (Dr. Safety) Self Defence Key-chain stick, Executive Defence Survival Tool, Pepper Spray from Knockout Punch with Key Ring, Bodygard’ Pepper Spray and a host of others.

Self Defense

A Mind-set Change is required

The fact is that unless our mind-set does not change towards actually knowing what kinds of threats exist and how one can get out of a life threatening situation, no product or anything else will help. These terrors could come in any form – being attacked from the back by a much stronger assailant, being bullied on the street or school or any others.  What we seem to take away from these ‘news items’ is that “it won’t happen to us” instead of learning from them. We rely on hope and belief that we will always be in the right place and there will be someone to look out for us. Sure – we all want that but hoping and believing won’t make it happen.  Have you ever thought about why we don’t react appropriately even after witnessing violent events – it’s because we don’t know the people in those unfortunate situations and hence are unable to relate to them.

Educating ourselves and our children on the importance of self-defense has become crucial.  This is irrespective of whether you live in a safe neighborhood or in a dubious one – malefactors are ubiquitous and you are not really safe till you know how to manage those nerve wracking situations.

What you Gain from the Knowledge of Self-Defense

An understanding of self-defense is acquired both from being aware of what is happening around us and learning techniques to see us through challenging situations.  Keeping self-defense products with you is not enough – knowing how to use them under exigent situations is crucial. So what do self-defense techniques and classes teach?

  • First on the list is obviously keeping safe – learning how to defend oneself in a variety of situations. Knowing what to do to fend off an attack and disorient the attacker will reduce the paranoia you may have of being in unfamiliar settings. These techniques help you use the given situation, time and place to your advantage and making a quick get-away.
  • Learning self-defense in groups helps people build relationships, social skills and a better understanding of the kind of people there are and their mind-sets. Self-defense instills discipline and teaches control of one’s emotions and the importance of using one’s strength only to defend oneself in threatening circumstances.
  • It’s a great way to develop and enhance confidence especially for women and children. The awareness of your ability to defend yourself and maybe even your loved ones is a great morale booster too. Getting in shape and staying that way is an added bonus!

Knowing how to protect ourselves is something every individual needs to know irrespective of gender and age.  We need to view self-defense with the same level of importance as we do our health and mental well-being. Here’s to a safer us!

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