Self Defense For Women To Safe Guard Themselves By Getting Raped

girl learning self defence

When it comes to women, they have to be well trained in all aspects of life whether it is managing a house, running a family or fighting for her safety. This is one reason why they have to be prepared to secure themselves from eve-teasers, molestation, rapes and even domestic violence. So, if you are not interested in being the victim, it is time you pull up your socks and learn to defend your own life.

You have to Be Mentally Strong
Being a girl, you have to be mentally strong to confront such situation strongly. Keep your safety as your priority. You have to demand and convince yourself for the self-defense and make yourself capable.

Stay Alert Always
You have to assure that you are always aware of your surroundings especially, the place where you are currently with your friends or alone. Remember to note every detail about your current location. This will greatly help you to protect yourself from your attackers. Keep your eyes and mind open. You have to be a good observer and listen to your intuitions.

You have to be trained for self defense
You have to assure that you go for a basic martial arts training such that people at large would not be able to mess with you. You must know few moves to assure that you are all safe and at the same time you have to act very smart.

Shout Loud & Threaten
You have to assure that you shout as much as you can to gain the attention of the people around you. On the other hand, threaten them by telling that your husband or brother is just around. You may also simply threaten them by saying that your father is a local politician or a police man. These things can be a huge threat to the rapists and then you can easily plan up for your rescue.

Keep Pepper Spray
Remember to always carry a pepper spray with you in your hand bag. A pepper spray can help you tackle a goon, a stalker or even a rapist. This spray can keep at least 10-12 people at par. It also has a gunshot technique which you need to be familiar to. It is advisable for all the ladies to carry the pepper spray as you never know about the accidents.

You Always Have To Be assertive
If someone is asking for your attention, do not give them a damn. If you ignore the person, you can certainly save yourself from the situation. Do not boil your blood for the comments that men pass during night time. The moment you react it would provoke the attackers to further molest you. So, stay calm and ignore such situations. Also, if a stranger asks for help, try and escape from the situation as helping a stranger at night would force you into a deep mess.

Always Stay Connected On Phone
The moment you feel that you are all alone and there is no one around, you can always use your mobile phone to ask for help from your friends or family who can reach you in the shortest possible time. But, make sure you keep your mobile’s battery charged always. Keep the extra batteries in the purse as you have to stay in touch of the people you know. Being female you have to always tell your family or close friends about the place you visit, be it pubs or clubs or any parties especially due to the increased cases of blind date rapes and party drugs.

With these points mentioned, its now upon you to stay alert, prepared and act smart.

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