Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day?


For everyone who is dieting or is hitting the gym regularly to get toned up, stepping up on a weighing scale is the scariest task of all. Some get sceptical about it and want to keep checking their weight every day, while a few simply want to avoid getting themselves weighed. Simply owning a weighing machine doesn’t mean that you can constantly keep checking your weight after every meal or every time you exercise. Some people get obsessed with their weight and get stressed out with a little fluctuation in their body weight. So, Should you or should you not weigh yourself regularly?

Don’t Weigh Everyday

Weighing yourself is a good thing. But, when you weigh yourself every day, or sometimes several times in a day, it unknowingly adds stress to your mental state. You may not even know but, you may start avoiding eating a balanced food, take stress about your body, grow obsessive about your fat, exercise regime, etc. In certain conditions, you  may even get depressed about your health. This is not a good thing. You may actually fall critically ill, something that is surely not good for your health.

You have to scientifically understand that your body weight fluctuates in an entire day, based on your eating habits, your fluid consumption, etc. Thus, it is not wise in weighing yourself every day and certainly not wise in weighing yourself several times in a day.

Don’t Avoid Weighing

If you thought I will say that weighing is not a good idea at all, it is wrong. Weighing is important, but weighing yourself again and again in not. Checking your weight is important as it helps you have a small idea of whether you are following a right schedule or not. Based on your weight fluctuations, you can then change your regime, go easier with it or start working out harder to burn some extra kilos. Thus, weighing yourself is good as far as you do it in controlled numbers.

Avoiding weighing, will actually keep you under the impression that your health is good and that you are not adding any weight. The result may not be noticeable to you, but when you measure yourself you will know about the truth. So, without fail remember to check your weight in regular period of time, but Don’t Stop checking it completely!

Weigh Once In A Week

If you can’t check your weight everyday and you should not stop checking it, then when should you check your weight? How many times should you check it?

Well, it is ideal to check your weight once a week. This allows you to stay calm for the entire week, eat a balanced food, exercise timely and also enjoy your life. Your body will give you an accurate measurement of your weight, also the inches lost which is usually not known while you measure your weight every day.

weighing yourself once in a week, has other benefits as well. For instance, if you are out in a party and eat all your favorite food items, you can enjoy them without staying too worried about your weight. You can then start working out a bit more the next day to balance the weight and burn away the extra added calories.

So, if you are a health conscious person, remember to check your weight frequently, instead of checking it every day or not checking it at all.

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