Six Things I Wish All Delhi Drivers Would Do

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Most of us crib about call center cab drivers and how they break every traffic rule, how rude they are and how brash they drive. But many of us also don’t follow simple basic traffic guidelines that will make us better people. Here’s a list of some things I wish all Delhi drivers would do:

  • It’s monsoon. The roads are full of water. And just because you are in a car, but that doesn’t give you the right to splash everyone else with water. Spare a thought for the pizza boy on the motorbike, the cyclist getting to work and the pedestrian trying to cross the street. Drive slowly through the water, it won’t hurt and it’s better for your car too.
  • When driving through a residential zone, drive slowly. And if you see a ball come onto the road, please stop your car or at least really slow down, for a few seconds later a bunch of kids are bound to come running after the ball.

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  • When you see a school bus, drive slow, or behind it. Don’t overtake from the bus from left when it has stopped, kids will be getting down from the bus. Also when you are over taking it from the right, make sure no kids re crossing the road or darting from behind the bus onto the road. Ideally, as in most countries, stop behind the school bus and wait until all the kids have been dropped off.
  • When you are coming onto the main road from a side road, wait for the traffic to clear before you turn. Most take a left turn without looking at the oncoming traffic.
  • When you see a car backing up or making a turn on the road, wait for him/her to complete the reverse and turn. It’s wiser to allow the person to turn and clear the road, than trying to squeeze past.
  • Reduce noise pollution. Try this next time you are on the road, don’t press the horn at all. It will test your patience initially, but you will get used to it.

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