Stay Safe from the Mosquito Menace


The summers are here. The weather of delicious servings of cold Aam ka Panna and Lassi, and all the treats which put cool back into our lives. However (and we may say that everyone knows), the summers are also infamous for bringing along throngs of mosquitoes. Literally, everywhere you look there are mosquitoes in plenty and where you don’t look; there is the familiar annoying buzz.


Welcome, also, to mosquito season. It is funny to see how the presence of mosquitoes changes everything. Everything appears a bit darker because of a cloud of mosquitoes hovering around, just to be irritating. People on the street will slap their limbs at random because of the prick of a mosquito. Leave anything uncovered and you are bound to attract a few mosquitoes to it.

Come to think of it, mosquitoes just don’t seem to get that we do not like them! They fit the character of the guest at the party that no one knows, but makes sure to overstay their visit.

Humour aside, we need to stay safe and protect ourselves from mosquitoes as they present a very clear threat to our health. Mosquitoes are the perfect carriers for many diseases. They are the primary cause of diseases Malaria and Dengue Fever. Both of these diseases are the sole cause of high infant mortality rates in India.

Aerosol mosquito repellent sprays are a popular way to keep mosquitoes away. But, they are known to cause breathing trouble (especially to Asthma patients), irritation to the eyes. So if you cannot bear the fumes of a mosquito repellent aerosol spray, a better option presents itself in the form of mosquito repellent bands, lotions and stickers. All of these mosquito repellent bands, stickers and lotions are chemically safe, neutral to the skin and senses and do a good job of keeping away unwanted mosquitoes.

Here are a few that are you should consider:

Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz:
Jungle New Froggy 600 px
A great choice if you want to protect your kids against mosquito bites, Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz are an ideal choice. The line of Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz have been designed and named so that they would be loved by kids and parents alike. The Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz come in different styles- Froggy, Batty, Lizzy, Spidey. The best part about each of the Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz band are that they last upto 15 days. They are also good to go for children above 3 years of age. Just strap on these mosquito repellent bands to your kid’s wrist and be sure about their safety throughout their school and play time.

Surete – Mosquito Repellent:
Surete Green 20 Patches 600 px
Mosquito repellent patches are also a great way to ensure safety against mosquitoes. Surete’s Mosquito Repellent patches are the most well known in the Indian market as of now. Now here is why Surete Mosquito Repellent are great! One pack of Surete Mosquito Repellent has 20 patches. Each Surete patch gives 12 hour long protection, is non-toxic and environment friendly. Each mosquito repellent patch can be worn on clothes as well. These are safe for children as well because they do not contain DEET (the most common ingredient in aerosol sprays) and are safe for use even on children. Hence, the Surete Mosquito Repellent patches provide an unseen and odourless protection against mosquitoes and are a great way to stay safe in any outdoor event or function.

Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent Naturals Lotion :
Jungle Formula Natural Lotion 50 ml 600 px
If you do not consider applying mosquito repellent patches or wearing bands, then a lotion is a great way to stay protected against mosquitoes. As the name suggests, Jungle Formula has a strict dedicated segment for protection against mosquitoes and other insects. The Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent Naturals Lotion is a natural based lotion and does not contain potentially harmful chemicals like DEET or IR3535. Comprised of a combination of 40% lemon eucalyptus oil, the Jungle Formula Mosquito Repellent Naturals Lotion provides effective protection for up to 8 hours. Here’s the best news; it is non-greasy after application. So you do not feel sticky and/or uncomfortable after you apply this mosquito repellent lotion. Hence, these provide an excellent option for protection against mosquitoes if you are an outdoors person.