Exam=Stress ! Tips to handle exam stress effectively


Exams ! Something that almost everyone dreads and gets stressed about . Be it you regular schools exams or the famous Board exams that are just around the corner , children from all age groups are nervous about the same and so are the parents . As parents it is our responsibility to create a positive and stress-free environment for our children so that they can confidently handle the  exam pressure with ease.


It’s a good idea to start the exam preparation early . Waiting for the last moment to start studying will result in extreme stress and pressure . Once the exam dates are announced which is usually a month before , you can chalk out your preparation plan .An organized approach is always beneficial . Create a time table and divide your subjects as per your requirement . All this has be age- appropriate . Parents please do not pressurize young children to study all the time and go slow with them .


‘Practice makes a man perfect ‘ . So practice as much as you can. Revision sheets and sample test papers from the teachers are very helpful . Practice the concepts that you are not very sure about . Again don’t go overboard. Previous years question papers are a good idea ..but stick to 2-3 papers per subject so that you are able to solve them.


Yes, this too as mentioned before is essential  Create a time table that you can abide by comfortable . Take regular breaks between your studying schedule and avoid studying for long hours at a stretch as it would have an adverse effect on your heath .


Exam time does not mean that you are only engrossed in studies . You need to take care of yourself and also allow your parents to contribute in the same . Eat healthy , take breaks , get proper sleep , relax and also chill out at times. Of course this too is important else the exam pressure would get on to you.


Communication is the key to any problem .If you are feeling the pressure or are not confident about your exam preparation then it always wise to talk to your parents , elders , friends or siblings about this. They would surely be able to help out and take care of the problem . Don’t fall into pressure and not speak with anyone, it may have a damaging effect. Parents , be vigilant and look out for ‘warning ‘ signs in your children like withdrawal symptoms, not talking mush, not eating properly , getting panic attacks etc. You need to be there for them in order to ease their stress .


Yes , this too is critical . Don’t think that you know-it-all and do not require any preparation  else you may get a panic attack in the last moment . Even if you know the subjects well , just go through them and solve as many questions possible for a good practice .


 On the exam day go well prepared with all the stuff you would need for it . Read the question papers properly and clear your doubts before you start writing . Answer the questions that you know well first and the then complete the rest . Try and attempt all the questions and take care of your handwriting . It should be clear and readable so avoid overwriting. Follow the instructions as mentioned an again do not go overboard . More writing would not ensure more marks , correct answers would. Always revise your answer sheet before submitting the paper .

Don’t Stress-Do Your Best -Forget the Rest

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