Students Burdened For Life – From School To College


Kids, Board Exams and Stress! If you thought that tension ends here, you are wrong again. The circle of stress continues to haunt you until you get admission in a reputed college someplace which guarantees you a bright future.

With everyone trying to outperform the others, surviving in this rat race is extremely difficult. Today, its not just about achieving good Education, it is more about achieving Good Grades. The meaning of education system has changed. It is now more about Toppers and less about education. You cram the answers, word-by-word and you are sure to get the best scores in th papers. But what about the practical knowledge, what about the real meaning of education?

Education has given so much burden to the students that they have some how lost the actual difference between EDUCATION and LITERACY. Students these days are forcing themselves to take the most extreme steps. No doubt! This is the age of competition and even parents give their children pressure to score more but at times, kids become helpless and feel depressed, thus leading them to extreme steps like committing suicide.

School Kids Under Pressure

Children are over-burdened with study pressure right from a very young age. They have addition and subtraction from Kindergarten, a class where children usually enjoy singing rhymes, learning motor activities and more. Children in Primary school are burdened by the parents to outperform other in the class. They are enrolled into local tutorial classes where they are pressurized to get better marks in their classes.

A large number of kids these days choose to end their life or run away from home due to the excess pressure to perform well in their classes. Some, even get dragged into wrong habits such as drugs and alcohol at a very young age. This is the main reason why parents have to be extremely careful when talking to their kids about education or demanding them to get better marks. This also forces the kids to suffer from depression which further gets them into several health conditions. By getting low grades the students feel shattered and have a notion that they will be neglected by their family and also miss the chance of getting into the prestigious universities.

College Admissions

Once you are out of school and have successfully passed your exams, its time for you to look for admissions in colleges and universities that offer you different courses. But again, the students are pressurized to perform well in their entrance exams and then get good grades in their semesters.

Today, education has become a very expensive affair and parents shell out all their savings only to ensure that their kids get enrolled into the best colleges and universities. Pay the high fees and even a student with second class grade can get admission into the best universities. This is how students these days end up getting either very great job offers or without jobs even after an MBA degree.

What we need to understand now is that education does matter but with a broad sense to be a better & independent individual. Literacy is very important and it certainly is of significance but not at the cost of your life.