Study finds Gym Equipment Dirtier than Public Toilet Seats


Gyms are a temple for the fit and healthy. Gyms are also the last place you would expect to encounter a serious threat to your well-being. Yet research shows that they can be a breeding ground for illnesses ranging from colds and viruses and deadly infections. Gyms are not governed by the same standards as hospitals, which have set regulations for disinfecting their machines and equipment.

This information is not to scare you or to discourage you from going to the gym but to keep you safe when you are at the gym.

Why is gym equipment dirty?

Gym equipment may appear to be very clean and maintained but that is not the real fact.

  • Sweaty residue on gym equipment – particularly the machines often used by several people in quick successions, such as weights and exercise bikes – can harbour
  • Bacteria thrive in a gym setting because most of the equipment is touched with sweaty hands. The moisture in the sweat acts as an ideal breeding ground.
  • Approximately 50 to 100 people probably touched the gym equipment with their sweaty hand.
  • Microbiologists have discovered that dangerous bacteria lurk not only in the unpleasant sweaty residue left on gym equipment alone. But also in hot-tubs, changing rooms and even sports drinks bottles.
  • Some of the bugs can thrive for days in the humid gym environment and are killed only when the area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Practically the gym owners cannot clean the equipment every time somebody touches it.
  • With multiple people going in and out of a gym and using same equipment a day, it’s no surprise that the gym may not be the cleanest place.

However, exactly how dirty the gym equipment can be is a little shocking.

  • Study finds the free weights on average contain 300 times more bacteria than public toilet seats.
  • They found the average exercise bike is 39 times dirtier than a cafeteria tray.
  • Treadmills contain 74 times more bacteria than a public bathroom faucet.
  • The average pair of running shoes has 76 times more fungi than a toilet bowl

Hence, it is extremely important to increase public awareness on the importance of personal hygiene and sanitation for public gym users.

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Feature Image Source : The Macau Roosevelt