Swine Flu: All You Need To Know

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The death toll for swine flu has crossed 800 in India, which makes it the worst ever spell of this pandemic in India. Thus, it becomes important that you know every necessary detail about the flu and take the right precautions against the disease.

Swine flu is caused by the transmission of the influenza virus found in pigs. Although, it can be transferred from one person to another, just like common cold. It is repelled by the antibodies produced by the blood. However, if the immune system is not very strong, this can cause the body to fall trap to the disease and can severely affect person’s health if proper medical assistance is not made available immediately.

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In pigs:

Swine flu was first recognized in pigs and they showed signs such as lethargy, fever, sneezing and coughing as well as a reduced appetite. Scientists claim that if these symptoms are identified in pigs first, the outbreak of the disease can be prevented. The transmission generally happens for those who are in constant company of pigs, people such as vets and meat dispensary workers.

In Humans:

The disease can also be identified in human beings and once the virus overcomes the antibodies in a human, the situation can go out of hands very quickly. This is because the virus can cause symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, stuffy noses, body ache, chills as well as fatigue. It is advised that as soon as the symptoms are identified in a person, he or she seeks medical assistance immediately, take proper precautions and isolate himself/herself from others in order to avoid spreading the virus any further.


There are many precautions that can be taken in order to ensure that the disease does not affect human beings. Basic precautions include:

  • Washing your hands regularly helps to prevent diseases from entering your mouth or through your palms.
  • Getting enough sleep ensures that the body remains fit and the immune system is strong. It is best to sleep for around 8 hours a day.
  • Drinking water will make sure that the system is hydrated and toxins are removed out of it.
  • Avoiding too much alcohol consumption can also help the body fight off viruses. Alcohol has the tendency to weaken the immune system.
  • Make sure that the surfaces that you touch are clean and if they are not, wash your hands as soon as you can. This is because the disease can stick to these surfaces and enter your body.

Safety measures:

In order to make sure that you do not catch the disease, get yourself a good face mask to which covers your face and mouth, and protects you from contracting the disease. You can buy some good masks here.

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Avoid stepping out without the mask and try not coming in contact with someone who has already contracted the disease. This will considerably reduce your chances of catching the infection.

Although, swine flu is a life threatening ailment, yet with full precautions this disease can be avoided. If still one is caught under the trap of this ailment, timely diagnosis and medications can restore your life back.

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