Tete-a-Tete with Ms Veena Gupta

wess foundation

On chitchatting with the President of Women Empowerment Safety Security Foundation, Ms Veena Gupta, we get to know about her NGO that mainly targets on a safe and empowered society. In this interview she talks about the achievements and goals of her Foundation.

An excerpt of the interview that was taken by Vikas Bagaria, Founder and Director of SafetyKart.com .

Q. What made you to chose a profession related to Safety?

A. Safety is one of the core human needs and in order to reach our full potential we need to get rid of our minds off fear and bondage .

Q. Could you brief about WESS and its focus?

A. WESS foundation is an NGO formed by 14 independent and successful women who have achieved substantial success in their own chosen professional lives. We have come together to “help build a safe, secure and empowered society, free of gender discrimination and uphold high values, respect for all fellow citizens.” Our core focus is on work related to women, empowerment in all areas, any kind of safety issues (work, home , corporate) and security of the community.


Q. What do you think is the level of awareness amongst the corporate in India? How is it trending &  going by your experience in last few years?

A.  With the new workplace harassment act coming in to light , the  awareness level amongst corporate is rapidly increasing. It is trending pretty fast.  The ICC committee makes it  mandatory  to hold awareness campaigns for the employees of the firm . With the rapid number of misuse of the act , even the male corporate have started showing interest in sensitizing themselves about women safety and safety needs.

Q. You have been an activist when it comes to Sexual Harassment against women. But you have also been raising concern on the increasing number of abuses of this law. What are your comments?

A. Every law has a flip side to it . In the growing complex scenario of sexual harassment crimes we need to know and understand  both side of the coin , so that we can use the law for redressal and prevention to its maximum potential .

Q. What is your opinion on how co-operative/active are the local authorities while working on these concerns?

A. The local authorities are responsive. Any time I see an unlawful activity I make sure to report it , and in most cases, local authorities do cooperate. With the rampant abuse, the authorities are now taking things with more sensitivity .

Q. What will be your message to a) Common Man  b) Corporate  c) Organisation working on Safety?

A. My message to the following will be:

common man  : any time you see some unlawful activity make sure to report it on the police helpline please, don’t step back thinking to let it go. Be the Change you want to see .
Corporate : most of the crimes happen because of the spurr of the moment or fear , if dealt with a little more consciousness and awareness we can prevent it , we need to empower ourselves by training on personal level to get rid of the conditioning and ignorance .
Organisation : Safety is a growing need with the rapid advancements of the economy , the role of the organisations here would be to maximise and reach the nook and corner of the country where women are still scared to step out and be self sustained .

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