The Beauty Kit To Pep Up Your Darling Car

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Just as much a woman loves her wardrobe and all her accessories, a man is very passionate about his car. A man can go to great lengths to pep up his car and so here is a list of items that will help a man to do just that. Let’s have a glance:-

Go Travel USB Double In-Car Charger

USB charger

Today each of us is up to date with technology and we are always finding ways to do things on the move. All of the modern technology like smart phones, tablets, electronic equipments work via a USB cable and hence USB charging point is a must have in your car. Go Travel USB Double In-Car Charger comes with 2 USB chargers so that you can do more out of it.

Gerber Dime Multi-tool- Outdoor (Green)

multi tool

A man loves his car and he also loves to travel, and so to travel to his favorite place in his car is an absolute heaven for him. Gerber Dime Multi-tool- Outdoor in Green is something that he must take along with him to tackle any kind of situation. It is an all-in-one tool which consists of scissors, pliers, bottle opener, file and tweezer etc.

Resqme Keychain Car Emergency Tool

car key chain

This tool is a boon whenever you are in a trouble situation in your car. It contains a spring loaded stainless steel spike that allows you to break side windows when you are in an emergency situation. It also has a razor blade that will help you slice through a jammed seat belt and help the occupants escape from a trapped vehicle. Moreover, the blades are automatically adjusted again and so it can be used multiple times.

Ceasefire Extinguisher – 500 gms


As the name suggests, Ceasefire Extinguisher is an ultimate safety tool to fight against fire break out. A car contains gasoline as well as lots of electrical equipments and this can result in an eruption of fire that can be extremely hazardous. Thus, investing money in it is actually investing in your life. This fire extinguisher is also eco friendly gas based and hence very safe to use. It also has in-built pressure gauge and comes with a 5 year warranty as well.

Multi-Functional Car Safety Tool

multi functional car safety tool

If there is one tool that would make a car owner feel like he is a secret agent of a fancy thriller movie, then it is a Multi-Functional Car Safety Tool. It has a safety hammer to break the window glass in emergency situation, a charger to charge mobile phone, a blade for cutting seat belt, a flash light and an emergency charger compass etc. The power in it can be generated by a crank dynamo and hence no exterior power source is required. It has built-in powerful magnets that will hold it over car roof for flash light alert and the LEDs in it have a life of more than 10000 hours.

Cross Roads City Membership Pack

travel safety

Cross Roads City Membership Pack includes loads of benefits that would make driving in your city completely hassle free. The membership comes with all year round 24X7 road side assistance within your city limits as well as 6 free services in a year. Other free services includes: on the spot minor repairs, changing punctured tires, key lockout assistance, tele assistance for minor repair issues and jump start in case of weak or dead battery etc.

Safety Awareness e-Book

safety awareness book

Safety on the road is an important aspect that any rider has to be thorough with. Safety awareness e-Book comes with all the preaching and guidelines that will keep your journey safe and avert accidents.

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