She felt helpless as she was unarmed


It  was a busy Monday and Maya had loads to finish at work today . She was so engrossed in her work the entire day and she didn’t even realize that all her colleagues had left for home and she was the only one in the office . The office boy was eagerly looking at the clock every 5 minutes as  it was way beyond his work hours too . He finally gave up at around 8.30 pm and walked to Mam Maya’s desk . ‘Mam , I’m getting late , my children  must be waiting for me for dinner , how much more time would you take ?’ . Maya looked at the clock and felt sorry for him . ‘Sorry Ravi ,” she said politely , “I will leave in 5 minutes .”  Maya quickly saved the files on her laptop and gathered her stuff to leave . It was almost pitch dark outside and the lane where her office was barely had a few working street lights. She slowly began her walk till the parking lot which was about 5 minutes away. She was walking in fear as the office boy had already left n cycle by then and there was not a soul around . Her office building did not have many building around and was not in a typical office area. She was aware of the fact that she was not carrying any self-defense tools today . Maya had got a new office-bag today and she had forgotten to transfer the personal safety products from her old bag to the new one . Being a single woman ,she always made it a point to be equipped with self -defense products for women like a pepper spray and a safety alarm . However today , it was a miss on her part . Maya had just managed to walk a few steps and she felt that there was someone following her  as she could see a faint shadow right behind her . Her heart started beating faster as she increased her pace so that she could reach her car asap . At every step she hope and prayed that nothing bad happened to her and she is not attacked as she did not have anything to defend herself today and there was not a soul around her as well . Suddenly she heard a screeching sound as of a bike stopping close to her  Her heart pounded faster as she heard the men speak . The talk was not very audible but she suspected something fishy . Maya , then thought of calling up the helpline number , just in case she needed their help . She frantically called the Police Helpline number , but could not get through . By that time , she was almost near the car and the moment she saw her car , she rushed towards it and opened the door , sat in it and locked up immediately . She now felt that she was in a safe zone . But them immediately she heard a knock on the car window . Maya , was too scared to even look. She was trying to start her car , but as she was shivering in fright she was unable to do so . There was another knock and this time she looked up .  There was complete silence and then suddenly Maya screamed …not in horror …but in joy . It was her brother , Jai, an army officer, whom she was seeing after more than 6 months . Jai wanted to surprise her and hence was following her . Oh boy, she was relived ,but she yelled at him for scaring her . jai was very particular about women safety and had always instructed Maya to carry self-protection devices and tools . today had been a miss on Maya’s part ,but she promised her brother that she would always be careful going forward .

Safety of women is a matter of concern today and it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and also educate other women to carry women safety products . It is imperative and the need of the hour . So if you love yourself and don’t want to be dependent on others , please get the basic self-defense products today.