The First Manicure – Tips On Grooming Your Baby!


As adults, we all love to groom ourselves, whether it is a simple DIY or at a professional spa. Manicure, pedicure, hair trimming, haircut, waxing, etc. we love it all. The fact is, we simply love to pamper ourselves and look well taken care off. But when we talk of babies and small kids, we usually restrict grooming to just nail clippings and a few basics such as cleaning ears, nothing over the top of that. But, grooming habits are very important and should be taught right from a very young age. Afterall, it is these habits that will help them develop into finer, hygiene concerned and healthy individuals of tomorrow. So, if you want your little baby rockstar to grow well groomed and look nothing less than the babies appearing on TVs, well here are a few baby grooming tips and grooming sets that can help you. Learn about them, follow them carefully and you will see how your perfectly pampered your baby looks.

Baby Manicure

Babies have a very increased growth spurt. They grow faster than you can think. For instance, their nails grow too quickly and before you know, they are big and ready to be clipped again in the same week.

Use a special baby clipper  or scissors to cut the nails. Once cut, use a baby filer to smoothen the edges. Repeat the process with the nails on the feet as well.

Oral care

Oral hygiene is also a part of grooming. But you need to be careful with your baby’s oral habits as they vary before and after teething.

Before Teething: Use a clean cloth to wipe the gums, tongue and upper cavity of your baby’s mouth. Simply wrap the cloth around your index finger and slowly rub off the food deposits from the mouth. Don’t use any toothpaste as they have chemicals which can cause allergies and other reactions on your child.

After Teething: Once your baby starts teething, use a small baby toothbrush with extra soft bristles to clean the gum, teeth and tongue. Introduce brushing by showing your baby how you brush your teeth. Allow him to chew his brush and then slowly get used to the process.

Ear Cleaning

Once your baby has had his bath, use a soft washcloth to clean the outside and inner lobes of your baby’s ears. be very careful of not rubbing too hard. If you are using a cotton swab, moist it first and then clean the inner lobes of your baby’s ears. Remember not to push too hard inside.

Hair Cut

This is one of the most tricky grooming habits that you need to introduce very cautiously to your baby. Kids love being carefree and hate being forced to sit at one place. This is the only problem that will make hair trimming and cutting difficult for you and your baby.

However, there are tips that can help you cut your baby’s hair carefully.

– Cut while your baby is sleeping. This will help you cut with peace, without making the baby cry or get cranky.

– Cut your baby’s hair once her hair is damp. Don’t cut the hair forcibly. You may injure her.

– Take your baby to a professional once she understands the importance of hair cutting and  grooming.

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