The Gift of Safety


Diwali is less than two weeks away. The joy of festivities spreads around and you probably are in the midst of selecting gifts for your loved ones. What would you like to gift this year? Maybe, something different? Something that can be used long post the festivities have ended?  This year make a difference and gift your loved ones products that can help to save their life and things that they value.

SafetyKart has launched special Diwali deals and offers across various categories that includes fantastic deals with flat 20% off on select products. We’ve hand-picked and selected the most awesome products that will light up your festive season!

Adventure Gear

Are you the one who heads for long walks and treks at every opportunity you get? Or do you know someone who loves the outdoors? For the adventure enthusiast we have handpicked some of the must haves that you must carry with you in the back pack when you are out on a trail or a trek. We have for you an array of camping equipment ranging from compasses, utility lights, safety tools, basic camping equipment and some advanced camping gear from Gerber that is available exclusively on SafetyKart. Now, if we’ve caught your interest, click here to view the complete list of products we have for the adventure enthusiast!

Personal Safety

This category has everything that you need for your personal safety. Whether you are at home or are travelling, we have the best of products that will ensure your safety. In this category, you will find  toilet seat sanitizers for a hygienic experience in public restrooms, pepper sprays for safety of women, mosquito bands and repellent patches that can protect you from any mosquito borne infections, a first aid kit that is a must have even at home. It also includes travel locks, toilet kits and other accessories that can ensure personal safety when you are travelling. Click here to view the complete list of products we have for your safety.

Protecting your little one

If you have a toddler at home, you should be aware of the basics of childproofing your home ensure that your child is protected from any kind of injuries or accidents at home. And this category has loads of products that will ensure safety for your little one.  Door locks that can prevent accidental injuries, gift hampers for kids, hand washes, feeding and nursing accessories to wipes and more. Ensure that your little one is safe and protected always. Click here to view all that we have for the kids.

For the creative ones

Are you a photography enthusiast or do you have a friend who is one? We have the right gifts for them! Have you checked the customisable Pelican cases that are perfect to carry around the expensive equipment? Or the SD card holder that is the perfect gift that will protect the memories? We have the awesome brand Aquapack in the deals too with some of the waterproof cases that allows you to carry your expensive equipment in water bodies and you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged. For the ones who prefer to be safe, we have loads of backpacks and camera pouches too that will still save your expensive equipment. Are you ready to buy something, if not for your friends, maybe for yourself? If yes, then click here.

Cases for Gadgets

These are the perfect protection items for all the expensive gadgets that you own. Starting from strong cases that protect your Iphone and Ipads to water proof and sturdy cases that keep your tablets, lap tops and smart phones safe, we have it all!  Choose from Pelican and Aquapack, two of the leading brands that have an array of products that keep all your expensive gadgets absolutely safe.

Remember, the gift of safety never wears out or is broken! Wishing you all an abundance of joy and happiness this Diwali. For a wider range of gifting options, visit us at