These Funny Ways Of Celebrating World Earth Day Will Make You Go ‘LOL’

earth day

With the increasing focus on the upkeep of environment and doing your bit for the nature, people across the world have a new list of calendar events today. Earth day is one such occasion, where people are encouraged to spare a thought for Mother Nature and its plight. While there are many different ways in which this occasion is marked off, there have been some crazy ways which have come about to be a part of these celebrations, and will make you laugh.

Organic tea for the coffee machine

Tea or coffee is the first companion of the day for people across the world. Why not flavor a tinge of Mother Nature to it – use organically synthesized coffee or tea for that perfect, green start of day.

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Cleanse your body with a green bath!

A lot of green bathing products, ranging from soaps, bathing foams, creams, shampoos are available over the counter today, which are a great and a green way to soak into the glory of Mother Nature.

Plastic housed green snacks!

Snacking is a daily activity we all need, at least once a day. While a host of green snacks are available to be grabbed, the way they are bottled or packed, kind of fades away the true reason for buying them. These snacks often come in unrecyclable packages – plastic bottles, synthetic foils etc., which might not be very nature friendly when it comes to doing it, especially on an occasion while you celebrate Mother Nature.

Cut a green cake

A great idea for those who love to party can be to celebrate earth’s birthday on earth day. You can throw a party where you can serve 7 course meals. The special part about this meal can be is that it can be a complete vegetarian meal. Try and include as much as of green raw vegetable in the meal.

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Collect freebies on Earth Day

Many organizations and group give away a lot of stuff related to the environment on earth day. It can include things like organic make up products, skin care products, bags, plants, seeds, organic fertilizers etc. Collecting this free stuff can be fun.

Your pet should not miss out on being a part of the earth day

We all love our pets and we prefer to involve them in as many things as possible. You can also make your pet a part of your green day celebration by dressing them up in green. Also, by feeding them with the green organic stuff rather than what you generally feed them with. Who knows they enjoy it more and it shows great result on their health and hair!

Green Social Networking

Share videos and posts about the environment on Facebook to spread awareness about the environment. You can share these videos, images and articles on the pages you have liked or joined. This way, you can reach out to so many people who are not in your friend list. Also, you can send messages to your friends. You can do the same on other social networking sites you have a profile on.

Save your earth

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Green Messaging

Texting is something that we do daily and spend a considerable amount of time doing it. Send your friends messages about the environment and earth. The best part is, you can send these messages while you are on the move and that too the entire contacts list or a group of contacts on one click.

Dress Green

Green should be the color of the day on Earth Day. You must wear green and also encourage others to wear green.

It’s time to show some love for your planet. And if you are up for it, make sure you do try some of these quirky ways to pep up this Earth Day celebrations.

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