Things Women Should Change This Women’s Day

Women's Day

Almighty has created both men and women equal but it is a society that has differentiated between the two. Women have broken the barriers of gender inequality, struggled and reached the moon but society's grubby mentality hasn't changed yet. It's not known how long it will take to transform this world into a platform where women can breathe and live easily. We Indians worship Goddess 'Lakshmi' for wealth, ‘Saraswati’ for knowledge, ‘Durga’ for power but most of us don't want to have them in our families. If we look at most of the families in India desperately seek to have a boy so as to proceed the next generation and to handle all the family's wealth. The hypocrisy of Indian mentality can be clearly seen from the stanza. International Women's Day has stroked and it's obvious that women will receive greetings from home and workplace. Many shopping outlets/brands will provide heavy discounts on clothes and accessories. But is this the real gift women want? The answer is big ‘NO’. Go and ask them what they really want. They will probably say: 'Respect', 'Equality', 'Dignity' and 'Honor'.

International Women's Day is celebrated all over the world.  It celebrates womanhood and pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of women across the globe. In the early 1900s when inequality and oppression was spurring women to become more vocal and active in campaigning for change, then it was started as a political event in America.

Today I am not writing this blog to explain what rights of the women are or what policies our authorities should make to abolish discrimination against women. The discussion is not going to help. I think women can themselves change the society they live in. So my dear ladies, get ready to change these things in yourself so as to make life little easier and happier:

Don't get Squeezed in the Middle of Relationships

Whether you have a boyfriend, a husband or children, don't let anyone take you for granted. Always remember you are an individual first, then a wife or a mother. You too have emotions and dignity. Cooperation and understanding is very important in every relationship and you must understand the interests of others but this doesn't mean you will give up self respect for them. If anyone forces you to follow their rules and restrictions, 'just say No'. If you are a girl that doesn't mean it is your kind responsibility to live selflessly for others.

Don't Give up your Desires and Dreams due to Family Pressure

Just because your family forces you to discard your studies, or dump your trendy dresses or make-up kits for becoming a typical traditional lady, shouldn't be reason for giving up your desires. Most of the parents in Indian families spend heavy amount on studies and grooming of their male children because they consider female as 'Paraya Dhan' and a property of a husband. If you are the one facing these issues, take a stand and fight for your dreams. You don't need to sacrifice your life just to prove that 'yes I am a cultured Indian woman.' No society is going to support you emotionally or financially in your difficult time.

Don’t Depend on others for Getting Things Done

In the absence of the man, can the woman really "be like the man"? I think yes. You can yourself fix and fit, can earn the daily bread for yourself and your family.  Ladies, sorry to say but yes you need to accept that many of you dream of a guy who owns a bungalow and a Ferrari. Why so? Can’t you struggle to buy these riches by your own? Stop searching rich men and make yourself capable to earn it.

On the other hand, many ladies depend upon their husbands and fathers to get their things done.  In this respect, ladies, you will have to be like the man.

Be Strong and Raise Voice

I accept that we are living in the nation where women face discrimination and molestation, become the victim of eve teasing, rape and domestic violence. But keep facing these crimes doesn't show your strength. Staying quiet means you are allowing those culprits to repeat the crime again and again. Don’t be afraid, be strong and raise your voice against it. You need to fight for yourself. What society thinks should not be your concern because 'Barking dogs seldom bite.'

Take your Life Easy

I know life is full of hurdles, but it doesn’t mean you will complain and creep all the time. You are not the only one who has problems. Look at the people who have more problems and lesser comforts than you, and then you will be able to count your blessings. Life is a beautiful journey, live every part of it. Try to achieve whatever you want to have but don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t come your way. In this case, think as if it was not made for you and move on happily.

Remember Nothing is Permanent in Life

There must be a time when you were most pampered by your boyfriend, parents or siblings but now a time has come when things have changed a lot or a little. I know we girls are much more sensitive and emotional than that of guys. We need the same affection every time, but when we don’t get, we feel as if our world has come to an end. Come on girls, it’s a nature’s rule- nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Changes happen and you need to accept it by anyhow, so why not happily. Try to fix up broken things but be strong- love yourself and then the world will love you.

Ladies, make this women’s day really special and meaningful for yourself. Don’t wait for the right things to happen, make the things happen rightly. Nature did not separate you and men in roles. When all of us will understand that justice embraces everything positive in life, and that evil comprises everything negative in it, we will then realize that men and women are partners in shaping life. Just like men, you are also equally responsible of the society you live in. Men and women have vast areas to conquer, building life shoulder to shoulder as human beings, equal in humanity.

Happy Women’s Day!!!

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