Things you can do during your pregnancy


This is dedicated to all the women who are mothers-to-be! Bringing life into the world is as big a joy, as it is responsibility. With the latest in medical science availability, the can-do and must-avoid lists for pregnancies are very detailed. Here’s a positive list that all expecting mothers can look forward to during their pregnancy:

Brew a cup of tea/coffee:


If you love your daily dose of tea or coffee, here’s some excellent news, you don’t have to quit during pregnancy! According to clinical research, less than 200 mg of caffeine will not do harm to the baby or your body. A cup of coffee generally contains 137 mg and tea has 48-50 mg per cup. So, if you keep a check on the amount you intake, you can easily enjoy your favourite hot brew even during your pregnancy!

Three cheers for Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate contains just the right amount of caffeine, approximately 30 mg. per bar, for your daily intake. It is rich in anti-oxidants which is a good stress buster and is also good for the baby. So when the urge hits, you can enjoy a portion. Just don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to gulp down an entire bar as the calories won’t help you later.

Get Some Exercise:


This is not the time to train for a marathon or work out like an athlete. Pregnancy exercises should be gentle for your body and the baby. Walking, doing yoga and stretching are some of the best exercises that you should do. It’ll help prevent the backache, tone your muscles and give you an overall sense of well-being. It is strictly advised that you should consult a doctor before starting off with any exercise during pregnancy.

Take a Trip:

Travel - Vacation

Once a baby is born, all new parents are thrust with unforeseen amounts of responsibilities. The 14-28 week period of a pregnancy is the best for expecting mothers to travel. A perfect getaway should be one of sightseeing and exploring. However, care must be taken to the amounts. Too much exertion during travelling is not recommended by doctors as it very fatiguing.

• Avoid travelling by trains as they can be bumpy and it is not at all good for the baby.

• If you are travelling by road, then it is recommended that you should not travel more than 5-6 hours/day. Also, there should be intervals of stretching and walking to avoid muscle cramps.

• If you travel by air, you’ll feel more bloated because of the air pressure. You can take non-carbonated beverages to counteract that. Try to avoid in oily, unhealthy and street food when you’re travelling home, just as a measure of precaution.

Go for a Massage:


A good massage during pregnancy should be gentle, yet thorough. Getting massages during pregnancy are good because they relax the muscles, rejuvenate your senses and also help in better blood circulation. There are two important points to remember. Firstly, you should always lay by your side and not on your stomach during pregnancy as the latter is not good for the baby. Secondly, the massage therapist should be trained to handle pregnant clients. The most important point is that you enjoy yourself through your pregnancy and take steps to ensure that it is a healthy, happy and safe one.

By Harshal Agarwal

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