This Valentine’s Day, Show Extra Love!!

Valentine's day

I Love you … I Love you Lot… Oh!! Yes … we are talking about Valentine’s Day that is round the corner knocking at your door. Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on February 14th. This is a special day to celebrate love which is the most powerful bond of every relationship that exists. Love is that emotion that can never be described but only felt from heart. Love is to be shared and given if you want to receive it back. It does not have a special day, but Valentines’ Day acts as a cherry on the cake.

Moreover, love is not shared within two individuals or couples, but love is present everywhere. Share and celebrate love with anybody close to you. It could be between your grandparents, parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, kids, pets or any other being to whom you are close enough to share a special bond. Love means understanding, trust and care that need to be present to feel it and make live your emotions. 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated to share that special bond with your closed and loved one. So, what have you decided to gift your beloved this D-Day? We can help you choose gifts easily that set apart from those mundane, regular and common gift items.


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ResQme Car Emergency Tool

ResQme Car Emergency Tool

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You are not aware what can happen the other minute! Especially when your loved one is driving car, nothing can be worst than being trapped inside which is possible due to emergencies such as water flooding and fire outbursts. ResQme car emergency tool is an amazing gift item that can be given to your guy. This car safety portable tool provides safety and protection to your partner from being trapped in their car. This is a must have tool for every car chauffeur that helps cut through the seat belt and break through car window in case it gets jammed. ResQme car key chain is a wonderful option to give to your love as its a sign of showing some extra care for the person. This valentine, give your loved ones sweets and flowers but dont forget to provide safety.       

Pepper Spray

pepper spray

We all are aware of the day to day happenings especially where girls are suffering. You cannot be there with your loved one every minute, therefore pepper spray can acts as a safety guard for the girls. Pepper spray is a gift item that must be given to every girl who is close to you. The spray can immobilise multiple attackers at a time. Your girl can easily walk around a deserted street freely with a can of pepper spray by keeping away any stranger! Pepper Spray is a much needed product that should be available with each girl. None of us can afford to make our partner suffer from anything. So, this Valentine's Day, act smart, gift pepper spray!    



Teddies, chocolates, cards are very common during this season. It is always good and special to be unique. Nothing is better than your partner's safety. Therefore, one of the gift ideas which can be useful is India's number one Toilet Seat Sanitizer ''PeeSafe''. This bottle can keep you safe from 99.9% germs present on the toilet seats. It not only keeps you away from germs but also eradicate the chances of being affected from UTI and Gastroenteritis. This can be a special present for your loved ones to realize them your care towards them. So, dont miss the chance to say ''I want you to be safe.''   

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