Tips on How to Drive Safely in Fog


The winter season is here along with many goodness and pleasures of this season comes fog . The last two days have been seen a very foggy morning in the northern parts of India . It becomes very difficult to drive as the visibility is very low during these days . Experienced the same myself so  decided to share some essential safety tips that need to be followed daily for an accident -free driving experience .

Always use head lights or fog lights

If your car is equipped with fog lights then it is a good idea to use them as they are the best to use during fog . If you don’t have fog lights then use your vehicle’s headlights , but ensure that you don’t use them at a high beam . Always have a low beam setting for them.


Switch on the parking lights

Fog brings in low to almost zero visibility at times . If you happen to be on the road then switch on the parking lights of your vehicle. This would help get some visibility for your vehicle for those on the road


Drive slow, don’t be in a hurry

One has to be extremely cautious while driving during fog . Keep a check a on your speed and don’t drive fast . Leave a few minutes early if required so that you don’t end up in reckless driving

fogImage Source:Emirates 24|7

Seat belt is a must  

Fog or no fog , a seat belt should always be worn. Ensure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing even those on the rear seats . Safety gears are a must


Stick to your lane and avoid overtaking

Lane driving is essential , so stick to you lane .Also you are not in a race so avoid overtaking . However ,if you really have to then always overtake from the right-hand side and never from the left. Do keep a watch on the traffic in front of you.


If there is no visibility then pull-over

Your life is precious , and things can wait . Do not drive if there is no visibility . Switch on your parking lights while you are waiting on the road. Alert others to stop too if possible .

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Clear your windscreen

The moisture due to the fog may collect on the windscreen and hamper visibility. Use the wiper and the defroster as and when required


Keep a check on others on the road

There would people on foot or on two-wheelers on the road . Please be aware of them as well as the animals on the road



Driving in foggy conditions requires a lot of patient and if you think you lack patience then it is better to stay off the road and wait for the fog to clear .You would not help yourself but help others too. Drive Safe-Stay Safe   

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