Tips For A Comfortable Overnight Bus Trip


There are several reasons due to which people have to take overnight buses; there are a number of destinations where people can get only by travelling long hours in buses.Bus trip is generally not considered to be as comfortable as other means of transport, and it is slow as well. Yet most people prefer it over trains and airplanes because it is the cheapest way to go from one place to another. Besides, if you take an overnight bus to reach your destination, you also save the cost of one night’s stay. But wait! How do you survive a night over in a bus? An overnight bus trip may be somewhat challenging for the people who take it for the first time. Nothing is as important as your safety. Keeping this in mind, here we present some useful tips that’ll help you make the most of an overnight bus trip and reach your destination safe and sound.

Investigate about Safety Quotient of the route

Undoubtedly, safety comes before anything and everything. So it is very important that you get as much information as possible about the particular route you plan to travel in the bus. Locals can help you a lot in this case because no one knows the roads better than them. Ardent travelers and online travel portals can also be very useful for finding out such information. You should make sure that route is safe from the perspective of an overnight trip; it shouldn’t have a bad reputation amongst night travelers. If you get even the slightest clue about an unpleasant stories related to night travel on the planned route, look for alternates or avoid doing an overnight trip.

Choose the Bus Service Carefully

Choosing the right bus service is as important as taking a safe route. No doubt, bus is cheapest means of the transport. But when you think about overnight bus trip you should spend a little more money and settle for nothing less than the best. Overnight bus trip is not an easy job; you get tired and bad bus seats or unpleasant operator service will only add to the woes. So pay attention to the detail when it comes to choosing a night bus. Make sure there are two drivers to drive the bus carefully at night so that the bus could reach its destination without going through any mishap.

Choose The Right Seat

Your seat is your ultimate companion for the night, so make sure you choose one wisely. To get the right seat of your choice, it is essential that you book for the journey as early as possible; bus ticketing usually works on a first come first serve basis. There are several things that you need to think over before booking seat, for instance whether to choose a window seat or not and which part of the bus to choose – back, middle, or front. All these things are very important because they relate to your comfort. Some people like a window seat, while others may feel nauseated while sitting at the window. Evaluate your past experiences and grab a seat accordingly. It’s advisable to book a seat in the front or middle section of the bus as it is far more comfortable than the back portion which is usually a lot bumpier. From safety point of view, middle section is the best.

Keep Your Money and Personal Belongings Safe

For any kind of journey, money and debit and credit cards are the most important things and thus should be kept very carefully at a safe place. Remember to keep your money and cards separately so that things can be managed well in case you lose any one of them. To keep these essentials safe from robbery or any other mishap you can keep a slash-pack waist with you, one which has a trick lock. You can also hide your money inside your shoes or in a pocket underwear or bra wallet.

Pack your Stuff Carefully

Carry on bags are very useful for overnight journeys as they let you pack all the necessary stuff at one place. Before heading for a night long trip make sure you’ve packed all essentials. Some things are just non-negotiable like a travel pillow, a quilt or a sheath blanket and earplugs. You may also carry some snacks; you will find some roadside restaurants from where you can eat during the journey, but if you do not find good food at these restaurants, whatever you’ve packed can come handy. It is also useful to pack reading and entertainment material, and a couple of tissue papers as well.

Get all the Necessary Information About Your Destination

If the destination is new for you i.e. you are going there for the first time, it is mandatory that you gain maximum info about it. You must know the route to the destination, how much time bus will take, what will a cab cost – in case you may need one, and address and phone number of any local contacts so that you can be guided through your destination. You should know well about all these things before boarding your bus in order that you could reach your destination without any hurdle.

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