Tips For Women To Stay Healthy At Different Stages Of Life!


Woman! She is the epitome of beauty, love and care! With her changing age and changing responsibilities, along with her beauty, her health also fluctuates, leading her to a few minor and unfortunately fatal health conditions. She may be the first person to arrange a beautiful outdoor picnic with your dear ones, all for your fun, but she is also the last person to take care of her own health. As a result of which, she pushes herself to health conditions, that later on lead to several more severe conditions such as arthritis, anaemia, heart conditions, cancer, etc. But, all this can be taken care off with just a few basic steps, viz. Healthy Eating and Healthy Living!

Women, who almost neglect their health, can enjoy their growing age with a good health, if they take care of their food habits and exercise regimes regularly. However, what they also need to know is that these health care habits change with their changing age. The nutrition requirements for a woman aged between 20 and 30 will be different from that of women in their 40’s or 50’s. Thus, if you want to progress the age period with good health, follow these tips mentioned below.

For your 20’s

This is your healthiest period. Even if you have a little healthy food and a little exercise, your body will stay fit.

– Eat healthy food and exercise everyday for whatever little time you have.

– An age ruled by hormones, avoid having too many sexual partners and have protected sex.

– For women under 26, get the HPV vaccine (Human Papillomavirus) as they are present in almost 99% cases of cervical cancer.

– Avoid tanning as they cause skin cancer.

– Also avoid slow poisons such as alcohol and tobacco.

– This is also the age when most women conceive and have babies. So, following a proper diet is most essential for you.

For your 30’s

Slowly, as your age catches up, your body muscles start loosening up and your body needs to be taken good care of. So, the tips for this age will be different.

– Eat healthy food, rich in nutrition which can keep your body vitals in the right measure.

– Apart from just jogging, you need to do a little weight lifting to keep your muscles toned.

– Increase your calcium intake to avoid the decrease of bone density which may later lead to osteoporosis and other forms of arthritis.

– Meditation will also help you stay calm and avoid stress.

For your 40’s

In this age period, the body’s metabolism rate decreases gradually. The effects can be seen in the body weight gain and sudden health problems. To keep yourself healthy, you need to focus more on your diet and little less on your exercise pattern.

– Eat healthy food which gives you proper balanced nutrition. With the body metabolism fluctuating, only a proper diet can help you stay healthy and avoid weight gain.

– Walk and do meditation to stay healthy.

– Respect your age and don’t over-stress yourself.

– Above all, stay active to keep your body in tune.

For your 50’s

This is the age of menopause for most women, which by itself is a very difficult phase of life. In order to keep yourself healthy, follow the below mentioned tips.

– Avoid taking up hormone therapy for your bodily needs. They increase your possibility to develop breast cancer, uterine cancer, heart diseases, stroke, etc.

– Choose walking, meditation and pranayama as the basic sources of exercising.

– Eat healthy food like salads, fruits and anything you like, but in moderate quantities.

– Get complete body checkup, at least once in a year.

For your 60’s

As old age closes in, you need to be a bit extra careful about your health. Right from the food you eat, your exercising pattern and your medications, take care of everything you can.

– Take your medications regularly.

– Eat little amount of food and fruit juices to keep your body vitals healthy.

– Exercise only if your body permits you.

– Stay happy and avoid stress.