Tips On Getting Old Gracefully!


Dentures in the mouth, walking with a walker, wearing high numbered glasses and a hearing aid in the ears! This is how our life gets when we age.  Living on medications and taking support of things becomes a major part of our life when we grow old. But, fearing about our growing age will not help us shun the future which is destined for us. However, there are always ways through which we can take care of our health and grow old gracefully. There are ways through which we can enjoy aging, avoid becoming grumpy, helpless and lost. Find these tips here and get old gracefully, enjoying your life as it comes.

1. Never Retire

Never take retirement from your work. Always find a new source of generating money which keeps you mentally and physically active. Volunteer to help in the community clubs, travel, work, party and enjoy your time. But, never retire and loaf around as that will make your mind go weak. Keep yourself updated with the things around you. Make sure you don't sit idle or else you may soon be surrounded by a number of diseases.

2. Live in your home

Enjoy your independence and live the life you want, by living in your own home. If you decide to move in with your kids, it is a good option, but that will also make you dependent on them for most of the things. Moreover, it will snatch away your freedom and the right to live the life you always wanted. Follow your own house rules, value your freedom and enjoy your life.

3. Keep check on your assets

It is a harsh reality, but a true one – Your children love you, but they love your assets more. So, if you want your kids to love you and take care of you, then you need to keep your assets close to you. Also it gives you a sense of freedom to buy anything you want and never stay dependant on your kids.

4. Never be dependent on your kids

Our children love us! But, when it comes to taking up responsibilities, there are always issues that come up. So, if your kids promise of caring you for life, don't trust your kids and instead make your own arrangements. Never force yourself on the kids.

5. Enjoy with your Friends

Have a big friend circle and enjoy yourself with your dear ones. Watch movies, listen to songs, cook and enjoy dinner together with your friends. Being with your friends will only make your time joyous and your old age fun.

6. Love yourself and Groom well

If you love yourself, only then will you be able to enjoy your life in the old age. Groom yourself, care and love yourself to enjoy your age. Go to the spa, pamper yourself and love your life.

7. Don't interfere in the lives of your kids

Family is all about love and support. If your kids ask for your counselling, give them the right opinions. However, make sure that you don't interfere more as it may then raise issues in the family.

8. Don't use old age as an Excuse for your behavior

When we age, we tend to grow slow and grumpy in our nature. But, accept these changes and never reason it based on your old age. Welcome each day as it comes and learn to stay happy.

9. Listen to others

Always have an open ear and listen to people around you, or at least the people whom you value the most. Taking suggestions of people will only help you take the right decisions in your old age and make life easier.

So, grow old but with grace and happiness!

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