Tips On Survival Skills While Going On Adventure Trips


Travelling the world is a lifetime dream of several people which brings out the survival instincts within us! But when you are an adventure freak and love going on trekking trips, it is important that you stay prepared and know everything about surviving in the most crucial conditions amidst the real challenges set by Mother Nature. Whether it is about trekking in a dessert or on a hill, you need to be prepared with everything that you have to survive through the toughest situations. After all, you won’t have the comfort of your home or the soft cozy beds of some 5 star hotels to keep you rested throughout your trip. But, to ensure your safety and survival even amidst the most extreme conditions. So, here are some important tips about survival skills to help you survive through the worst situations.

  1. Starting a Fire

Most people usually carry a match-box or a lighter that can help them make fire where ever they wish. But, when you don’t have a match or a lighter, the only way you can make fire is by using a simple hand drill which is spun at a considerably fast speed to create friction causing spark which further leads to fire.

In other cases, you may also use battery with steel wool and tinder to make fire.

  1. Survive with little food

When going on an adventure trip, we usually carry some food products with us in our bags to meet with our hunger. But, when packing food supplies, it is important that you pack food that give you more calories and energy.

Also make a plan on what to eat when and how much to help you use your food supplies for the longest time duration. Always remember, Humans can survive longer time without food and just 72 hours without water. So, it is important that you focus on choosing the right food products for your adventure trip.

Tip: Choose food products that are high on proteins and are stomach filling.

  1. Treating available Drinking Water

Always carry a sizeable bottle of drinking water with you on trips. However, it is best to carry a water purification unit with you to help you drink purified water at all circumstances. But, apart from carrying a purification system, it is also essential that you know about certain basics about which water you should drink.

Choose flowing water, or water from melting ice cubes and also the water from water heaters. Avoid water from ponds, puddles and small water beds.

  1. Staying Warm

Weather in the wild changes in no time. You may be enjoying a summer camp in a remote forest area, and you may suddenly be surrounded by a cold wave in the evenings. This is when you need to survive through the climate changes.

Always choose high quality tents to stay protected from the weather. Also carry warm blankets to keep you warm. If you don’t have any of these, make fire to keep you warm. Be careful and never get wet in such conditions. Don’t disrobe or you will get sick in no time.

  1. Finding Shelter

Choose a good shelter for your stay in the wild. If you don’t have a tent, make use of natural materials such as leaves and sticks to make a small tent. Cover it with small branches or leaves to help you keep your tent warm.

  1. Knowing about the Safe Foods

When you stay in the wild, you need to be aware of everything which is naturally good for you. In case your food supplies get extinct, you need to know what natural food items you can eat to survive in the wild. Choose fruits, berries and termites, crickets and worms from the surroundings to keep your protein levels balanced. You may also eat snakes or small animals but only after you remove their poisonous parts.

  1. Coping Medical Emergency

Carry medical kit with you for emergencies. This is essential when you get injured or fall sick in the wild. Also, have certain emergency numbers with you to get some medical aid and reach back home safely.

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