Tips To Protect Your Hearing!


Listening to songs through your headphones … Listening to loud music on your music system… Exposure to loud noise around us… and more!! There are a hundred ways that effect your hearing leading you to hearing impairment. The lifestyle we live today effects our health in various ways. It effects our health in some or the other way!

Deafness is caused due to the damage of tiny hair cells present in our inner ears. And the main reason for this irreversible damage is due to too much noise. More the sound lesser the time taken to impair your hearing abilities. Thus, it is essential that you take care of your ears and protect them from the severe effects of noise.

How much is Too much noise?

Standing close to the music speakers, regularly listening to high pitched music in night clubs, hearing the bursting of too much explosives such as fireworks and gunshots, can all affect your hearing ability. Thus, the only way to protect your hearing ability is to know the limited amount decibels that will not affect your hearing ability or which is safe for you. According to the Health and Safety Executive, noise more than 105dB is enough to damage your hearing, particularly if you are exposed to it for more than 15 minutes a week. So, now that you know the limit of noise that your ears can bear, make sure that you avoid it and also take full care of your ears.

Here are a few but effective tips to help you protect your hearing ability. Follow them closely and enjoy fine hearing skills.

  1. Earplugs

Earplugs are the best option available to protect your ears from loud music and hearing impairment. Use earplugs or earmuffs to reduce the noise around you. Always keep earplugs handy in your pockets or in your car for use whenever needed.

  1. Keep music low

Keep the music low around you. Usually, people love listening to high volume music for thrill and fun. But amidst this fun, we forget about the impairment that we are heading to. So, keep the music volume low and pleasurable.

  1. 60 minutes of Mp3 player

If you are a music lover, listen to it from your MP3 player for not more than 60 minutes each day. The new age MP3 players have smart volume features which save your ears from the noises around you.

  1. Use Headphones

Wear headphones every time you are listening to music or watching loud music. Wear these new age noise reducing headphones that block outer noise, allowing you to enjoy your music with fun. But, make sure that you keep the volume low.

  1. Keep volume low

When watching TV or listening to radio or other noise sources, make sure you keep the volume low and well below the damaging levels. Prefer closing the noise around you so that you can listen to the low volume of your TV and radio with ease.

  1. Avoid work noise

Work noise is one of the most disturbing noises ever. Talk to your HR for reducing the noise in your workplace. Also choose to use hearing protection for avoiding the work noise.

  1. Use Ear protectors

Always keep earplugs and earmuffs handy. Wear them whenever you feel the noise around you is way higher than the safety levels, especially when you hear noises like sanders, saws, power drills and even lawn mowers.

  1. Rest your Ears

Rest your ears everyday for a few hours. Confine yourself in a closed space without any noise for a few hours a day. This will give due rest to your ears and hence protect your ears.

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