Tips to Take Good Care of Your Clothes


Don’t we all love to shop? Those clothes in the store call out to you don’t they? Ever wondered why your clothes don’t remain as graceful as they were when you first tried them on? That’s because we love to buy clothes but when it comes to their maintenance we don’t show much interest.

Few basic tips can help ensure you'll be wearing your favorite shirts, pants, or jackets for a long time.


  • Use velvet hangers instead of wire hangers. Clothes with any significant weight will bend the wire hangers out of shape, and that in turn will bend your clothes out of shape. Whereas velvet hangers feels soft to the touch but are actually extremely sturdy and can be used to hang everything from light clothes through to heavy blazers and jackets. The velvet coating makes them slip free so clothes don't slip off. It is also specifically designed to preserve the shape of your clothes and keep them wrinkle free. It can be very disappointing to open your  wardrobe only to find that an important piece of clothing has fallen off the hanger and is now lying creased up. Velvet hangers feature a slim design that allows you to make the most out of your wardrobe space.


  • Don't store your clothes in dry-clean plastic bags. Fabric needs to breathe, and the plastic can trap odors and humidity. These plastic bags also cause oxidation which leads to discoloration of the clothes. If you need to store clothing in a garment bag, you can purchase cotton garment bags. Cotton is  easy to wash and care for so you don’t need to worry about its maintenance cost.


  • Do not iron delicate fabrics. Irons are way too harsh for most fabrics and can leave marks if not used carefully. Whereas a garment steamer is ideal for soft and delicate fabrics. A garments steamer works faster and more efficiently than an iron. Steam simply relaxes the fiber and eliminates wrinkles without damaging the fabric and as a matter of fact steam works as a great sanitizer that helps remove odor.


  • Don't wash clean clothes. If you wear a garment for a few hours and it looks clean and still smells fresh, there is no need for you to put it for washing. Sunlight is a natural sanitizer and bleaching agent. If your garment appears to be clean but has an unpleasant odor hang it directly under the sun for a few hours and it’ll be as good as new afterwards. Sunlight is perfect for killing insects, bacteria, and other germs. Wear a garment multiple times before sending it for washing. The lesser you wash your clothes the longer they will last. Most jackets and coats should be laundered once a season. As far as your denims are concerned it is best to wear it for 6 months before washing. Avoid washing them for as long as possible so that the fibers of the denim don't break down and the deep indigo and the stiff feel of the fabric is preserved. On the other hand your workout clothes gets soaked in sweat and thus should be washed after every wear. Also if your sport of choice is more low impact or if the garment is made from a performance fabric you can stretch it to every few wears.clothesImage Source:


  • Don’t over crowd your closet. Cramming clothes together not only wrinkles, but wears down sensitive fabrics. Don't fold your leather garments as it creates creases which will be very difficult to get rid of because ironing or steaming leather is a big no, instead, hang them on a clip hanger. Never hang a woolen sweater hanging it will stretch out the neck and shoulders which in turn will ruin its look. Denims, pants and shorts made from rugged material can be stored either way.


  • If you want that favorite outfit of yours to last forever then the first step is to not machine dry, but to hang dry it. Avoid machine-drying when you can. "The tumbling motion of the dryer causes friction between clothing, thereby gradually degrading clothing fibers, and in some instances causing piling on some fabrics," says McKechnie. Nothing can be better than letting your clothes dry naturally in the sun. When you dry your clothes in the sun they are naturally disinfected and whitened. The sun provides UV light, and UV can be used to disinfect water and damp laundry.


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I’m sure most of the people who took the time to read this blog are the ones who shop very often and love their clothes immensely. It is ever so much easier to look good if your clothes are fashionable. Follow these simple and basic steps to take good care of your clothes. Maintain their quality and make them last longer.



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