Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy!!

healthy heart

A healthy heart… a better life! But, is it really easy these days to keep our heart healthy and functioning perfectly despite the bad eating habits, excessive work pressure and lack of workout? No, it’s not. So, what is the key to enjoy a good and healthy heart? It is simple, all you need is a good health schedule and staying prepared or aware about your heart conditions.

When we say following a healthy schedule, it automatically includes a good balanced diet and an exercise regime. It is the basic thumb rule for ensuring the good health of your heart. But, can simply exercising and eating healthy food help you prevent a stroke? You need a bit of everything. A perfect blend of good healthy food, exercise and awareness of using the right heart check instruments that allow you to closely monitor the functioning of your heart. So, here are a few tips on how you can keep your heart healthy for a beautiful life ahead.

Laugh it away

Avoid stress and keep your blood pressure in control by laughing. It reduces your blood pressure and thus reduces the chances of a heart attack. Choose to watch comedy films or listen to jokes. This reduces the stress hormones and thus ensuring the good health of your heart.

Eat Healthy

Nourish your body with the right food that is less oily and great to taste. Choose cooking oil that protects your heart against cholesterol. Make sure you eat green leafy vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen your heart’s functioning.

Meditate and Exercise

Once you have controlled your food and eating habits, it gets easier for your heart to function well. But in order to boost its health better, meditation and exercising regularly is also the best option. So, spend just 30 minutes a day to meditate and relax your body, while you can spend another 30 minutes to do simple exercises that strengthen your body muscles. Exercising also helps control your body’s cholesterol level.

Herbal supplements

Keeping up the pace with the new age lifestyle, you need a bit extra to ensure the good health of your heart. Herbal supplements seem to be the perfect option for taking good care of your health. Choose supplements such as Lasuna (for cholesterol protection) and Shuddha Guggulu (cholesterol regulator) as an everyday herbal supplement for protecting your heart.

Heart check monitors

Always keep blood pressure monitors handy in your home or even at work. Make sure to check your blood pressure every day only to ensure the proper functioning of your heart and to take the necessary precautionary step in case the blood pressure is high or low. Remember, the monitor should be used only to keep you aware about the functioning of your heart. If it helps to keep you aware of your heart condition, it can also increase anxiety and stress which can affect your heart.

With these tips mentioned above, it is time you take good care of your heart and live a healthy life.

This post was previosuly published on 26th March 2015.