Tips To Make Your Hiking Adventure Memorable!


Planning to go on a hiking adventure this weekend? Well, well, going on a hiking trip is always fun and adventurous, no matter where you plan to go. Whether it is on a nearby valley or a beautiful mountain, if you plan your hiking trip well, it is going to be fun but on just one condition, that you plan the trip perfectly.

Here are 10 tips that will help you make your hiking trip full of fun and a memorable experience. Follow these tips carefully, and prepare your backpack properly to enjoy your hiking adventure.

  1. Carry a lot of food and water

You can never have fun and adventure with an empty stomach. So, make sure that you carry enough food and water with you. Carry whatever you can, including snacks, juices, chocolates, etc. that will give you energy to hike and stay fit. Also, remember to carry a lifestraw, that will help you purify any flowing water available naturally around your hiking trip.

  1. Include a Map and Compass

When going on a hiking trip, you surely don’t want to get lost and get stuck in an unknown area, especially when it is a mountain or a hill. So, make sure you carry both, a map and a compass. The map will help you know the destination and the landmarks to reach your destination.

A compass will help you know the right directions and hence reach the right places.

  1. Learn the climate report

Before you go on your hiking trip, make sure that you know and get aware about the climate in your hiking destination. Prepare your backpacks based on this weather report and stay alert about the changing weather to enjoy your stay, rather than hide for shelter due to sudden showers.

  1. Carry a First Aid Kit

During a hiking adventure trip, it is very much possible that you get injured which if not treated instantly can cause an infection and affect your health. So, always carry a First Aid Kit to ensure your good health.

  1. Carry a Torchlight

During a hiking trip, always make sure that you carry a torchlight that can help you see the path in the dark. A torchlight is a must especially when you go on a hiking trip.

  1. Carry a Swiss Knife

When going on a hiking trip, always carry a swiss knife that will help you cut and chop things around you. You may carry a simple knife or even a swiss knife (for multiple use) and then use it for cooking or cutting ropes or cutting the plants around you to keep you safe.

  1. Carry a fire generating tool

Can a hiking and camping trip be complete without a bonfire? Never! So, make sure that you carry a simple fire generating tool to keep you warm and safe even in the forest or mountain area. You may carry anything from a lighter to matchboxes or a small battery based fire system.

  1. Carry Extra clothes

During a hiking trip, always carry a few extra pair of clothes with you. This will help you change your clothes in case your clothes get dirty or wet. Wearing wet clothes is a big NO during a hiking trip, as it may affect your health and lead to fever.

  1. Carry Skin care and mosquito repellents

Mountains and forests are home to wild life and a lot of Mosquitos. So, if you want to stay safe and enjoy your trip without bug bites, carry the best skin care and mosquito repellent lotions with you. Make sure you carry both, before and after bite lotions.

  1. Plan trip with your friends

And finally, in order to make your hiking trip fun, always plan with your friends and dear ones! Without friends, no trip is fun!

With these tips, make your hiking trip memorable! And don’t forget to capture the moments with beautiful pictures!

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