Tips To Protect Nature And Role Of Nature In Our Life!


Nature… We breathe and live nature! Without it, we cannot exist for a single day, a single second! Can you imagine a life without our dear planet Earth? Yes, by nature I very much mean our Planet Earth, which has given to us all the basic requirements we need to sustain our lives and enjoy everything we need, including mineral makeup to look beautiful. No Planet means no nature, and hence, no life! But over the years, man has forgotten the importance of nature and its role in our well-being. The house you stay in, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the books you read, fuel you burn, etc. are all provided to us by nature! And, in the last few years, we have destroyed a major part of our Planet’s resources and are not making enough efforts to revive them. In mere words, we are killing our future without giving a second thought to it. As a result, the balance in nature is disturbed, causing natural disasters that claim thousands of lives each time. Call it tsunami, Cloudburst, tornadoes or earthquakes, they are all caused due to the imbalance in Nature! So, in a small effort of making people realize the role of nature in our lives, here are points that we need to keep remember at all times.

  1. Life

We have life because we have nature. Can you survive without a healthy environment, without air, food or water? No. We own our very life to nature which gives us all our basic amenities to live a happy and healthy life. This is one of the most important roles of nature in our Life!

  1. Fresh water

Without fresh water, there is no way life on planet can survive. The nature’s natural ecosystem which has watersheds, forests and wetlands, all contribute in providing us fresh water which is free of contamination or pollution.

  1. Fertile Soil

The soil on which we grow our food, on which we cultivate and build our homes, is all provided to us by nature. If the soil was not fertile and erosive, can you imagine having a strong home or a food? No. So, be thankful to nature for its fertile soil.

  1. Food

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the food you eat is all provided to us by nature. The natural processes such as pollination, seed dispersal, etc. help in growing a wide variety of crops which are consumed by us as food.

  1. Natural medicines

Nature is the basic source of medicines. Plants and their extracts are the original source of medicines, which are later evolved to make medicines that cure innumerable ailments and diseases. Whether you have simple cough or a severe condition as cancer, the medicines are all extracted from our mother nature.

  1. Fisheries

The life in water, such as rivers and seas all contribute to our livelihood. Rich resources of minerals and proteins, the seas and rivers not just contribute to our food, but also to our economy.

  1. Economy

For humans, whether or not the above mentioned points have any value or not, the world Economy surely holds a lot of value. Our Economy is entirely dependent on our natural resources and environment. One small earthquake and the economy of a country can drop down to its lowest.

Now that you know the deep rooted value of nature in our life, it is vital that we arise and make an effort to protect our planet. Apart from the basics, here are a few points for you to follow, especially if you want to protect our nature, our planet!

  1. Reduce fuel and energy consumption.
  2. Use energy efficient appliances
  3. Avoid using pesticides
  4. Support alternative resources and vehicles for transportation
  5. Reduce pollution in the air, water and land.
  6. Plant more trees to balance the nature.