Toilets ARE a Feminist Issue!


“It is ok”
“Let it be”
“We can do this later”

Everything that a woman feels can be dealt with later. Why not? Because, I do control my anger and patiently wait for my “turn”!
Wait for my turn to be heard. Wait for my turn to be acknowledged. Wait for my turn to have my issues solved. Wait to feel equal.
When I have waited all along, I might as well wait a bit more.

I have controlled my temper on being told how to dress, whom to love, where to go and how to be ME.
I have controlled the urge to scream when I was expected to compromise, controlled my aspirations to settle into society’s moral compass.
I have also controlled my urge to pee day after day, because the fact that I need a clean toilet was not their first concern.

I have adjusted. Adjusted to the idea that I am considered lesser than men. Adjusted to the fact that patriarchy is the base on which our society was structured. Adjusted considering my needs to be less important.

I have also adjusted postures because the toilet was dirty.

I have feared. Feared being marked and judged for being myself. I have feared the dark and not being able to reach home safely. I have feared being targeted for being ambitious.
I have feared using public washrooms, because clean is not sanitized.
I have feared getting infections, vaginal burns and U.T.I.

I have been through it all, but now I will not.

The fight for equality is a big one. But this fight has many more fights in it.
PeeSafe’s #IHave initiative aims at making women get their basic human right to clean and sanitized toilets.
So that women no longer have to turn their backs to their needs.
So that no woman has to say “I will use the washroom once I get home.”
So that no woman has to bear the discomfort of infections in silence.
So that no woman has to say, “how can I talk about it, what will people think!?”

It is time that people SHOULD think.

We, at PeeSafe believe that women are the navigators to the future. Females are going to lead us to a beautiful tomorrow and that they are tougher than they seem, smarter than the opportunities they are given and stronger than us all.

PeeSafe salutes the women who choose to be what they want to.

We want women all over the world to say,
#IHave been strong.
#IHave flown high.
#IHave been a creator.
#IHave gloriously fought my battles.
#IHave been a woman.