Top 5 Tips To Follow By A Print Reporter


Wide open glass window with cool breeze and the bed table with a hot cup of coffee waking up early morning, isn’t a daily norm for a reporter. That sudden phone buzz beside your study desk and the broadsheet newspaper with a headline that awakes you is generally the start up for a day for a journo.

A reporter needs to be wide awake even in her sleep..yes, it doesn’t mean day dreaming but wide alertness about countries, states, regions, cities, societies, groups, families as well as individuals.


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These five tips must be followed by every reporter whether on or off field.

Awareness:She must be aware about things taking place every second around her. Socializing is the correct form of being aware about every minute things. Talking to people, attending functions, parties and meetings, visiting places that are unknown to others bring you a variety of subjects for your cover story.

Be aware and create awareness around you should be the ‘mantra‘.

Activeness:She should be quite active if chosen to be in this field and get a recognition. Active during participation, always before time, gathering stories notafter but also before something is about to happen are the traits of an active and wise reporter.

Socializing:A reporter needs to know what socializing means actually. Active on social media sites is not only important but following up news stories, gathering more information on them, connecting to new people, groups or enthusiasts is vital too. Attending a press conference gives a grand opportunity to meet hosts, bureaucrats, other media persons & common men. This is not a place to gather news and have a good meal only but a great time to meet people and collect information for your next event story.

Follow up on an event:Any story covered by your colleague or another news editor/ reporter gives you a chance to cover a new story again. Once a news story covered never means it closed doors for a similar story or its after effects to be geared up. Every story gives a new beginning or an attachment that can be carried forward as a new news event.

No Beat Is A Bad Beat:Remember no beat is a bad beat since every beat has its own news value. Everyday people get bored reading stories from the same genre. So, your beat must be interesting to capture their interests and create an impact for a lifetime.

After all a reporter must be alert for a story to pop up as cover story on the early morning newspaper that wakes up the world to see your name as its byline.

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