Top 7 things that the mommy needs!

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As a new mother, would you not love it if there could be a one stop shop that could take care of all the infant requirements that you may have? Safety equipment, diapers, wipes, feeding bottles and well, just about everything!  Keeping the new moms in mind, SafetyKart has recently launched a wide range of items that are now available at their e-retail store. 

1. Diapers : A boon for many a mom, diapers allow you to keep your little one dry and clean for long hours.  You can now choose from the entire range of diapers from Pamper’s available at SafetyKart. The normal as well as the pant style diapers are available for you to choose for an all day comfort for your little one. 

2. Diaper bag: This item should be a must have even before the baby is born! A diaper bag is used to store all the essentials that you may need when you are stepping out with the baby for a short distance travel or a long distance once! An extra pair of clothing, diapers, wipes, feeding bottles, formula food and more! There is lots that you can accommodate in the diaper bag. 

3. Wipes: Most wipes allow you to cleanse the baby’s skin without causing it to dry or get stretchy. Wipes contain moisturizers that nourish your baby’s tender skin as you wipe it clean leaving them smelling fresh and clean all day long. SafetyKart has a variety of baby wipes, some available at exclusive prices and awesome offers that you cannot resist! Brands that are available with SafetyKart are Mothercare, Pigeon, Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya and Nuby. 

4. Feeding bottles: Feeding bottles are typically used when you want to wean your little one from the feeding routine or when the mother is ready to get back to work. Use BPA free bottles and change the teats as well as the bottles at least once in three months. Choose the right cleaning equipment as well the storage option for the feeding options. Choose from the variety available here. 

Expert Tip: It is advisable to sterlize the bottles at least twice a day to ensure proper sterlization of the bottles. Use a mild detergent that has been specially created to wash the bottles. 

5. Diaper rash creams : Diaper rash creams can help you to control the rashes and breakouts that can happen to your little one’s skin. A diaper rash is an ointment that provides an effective moisture barrier and offers a greater protection to your baby’s delicate skin. Most diaper rashes contain unique botanical blends and are known tio possess anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. 

Expert Tip: We recommend that you leave your baby diaper free for at least a few hours in a day so that the occurence of rashes reduces.

6. Breast Pumps: Read our post on how to choose the right breast pump and what you need to keep in mind when you are ready to use one. Breast pumps are ideal not just for working mothers, but also for those who are ready to wean their little one or if a mother is under medication and in a case where breastfeeding is not possible. Choose from a variety of breast pumps available at our store. 

7.  Childproofing options: We have covered extensively on the merits of childproofing your home in most of our posts under baby and child safety. The reasons to childproof the home is always beneficial! Not only are you protecting your little one from any untoward dangers but you are also keeping your home safe. Cabinet locks, fridge locks, door locks and more! The list of things you need to childproof your home is endless but worry not, we have it all! 

What are the most wanted things in your list as a new mom? Drop us a comment and let us know! 

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