Top Five Maternity Care Products

pregnancy care

While the anticipation of becoming a mother fills a woman with joy and is the reason for the ‘soft glow’ during those months of pregnancy, the first and third trimesters can be very demanding and even unbearable. We asked women how they dealt with the swollen ankles, flatulence, back pain and the nauseating feeling in the morning. If you have gone through this time then you know what we are talking about and if you are on the ‘way’ then we hope that these top five maternity care products will help you make this journey as joyous and fulfilling as its meant to be.

1. A body pillow

A mattress sized pillow, curves and moulds itself according the body and provides cuddling comfort.  Hugging this pillow relieves stress, pain and provides support and comfort. Holding this pillow gives a sense of comfort thereby inducing restful sleep without the tossing and turning.  The pillow is heavy and its rippling and rolling curves gently caress the mother to be in the side-sleeping position. The round growing belly, heavy head and strained back are soothed and cradled in the undulating curls and bends of this pillow. It keeps the knees apart when held between the legs, for extra comfort and rest to the tired body of the pregnant woman. The best part of this pillow is that it continues to provide support post pregnancy too. Women recommend it as a support during nursing or as a cuddling backrest while narrating stories to your precious little one.

2. Wardrobe Extenders

All women who have been or who are pregnant know that as the belly expands, the wardrobe also needs to be adjusted to make everything fit.  There’s no need to spend a fortune on buying a complete set of ‘special’ maternity clothing or wearing unsightly clothes.  With some easy and inexpensive wardrobe extenders you can continue wearing what you already own, albeit a few sizes bigger.

F262---Bump Belt---3-A

Belly belts are an easy and convenient way to increase your belt size at least 3 times. These come with fabric panels to cover the gap created by your extended belly. For some these belt extenders work well even till the end of their pregnancy.  The other great way to extend your clothes is belly bands or slides.  With the increase in weight, tops and shirts seem to become shorter making a gap between your lowers – pants, skirts, shorts and leggings.  Continue wearing your favourite clothes while being comfortable and stylish.

3. Belly Support Bands

A lot of mothers and pregnant women have said that belly support bands helped them immensely. However, experts suggest that if you are working and need to be on your feet a lot, have put on too much pregnancy weight, are carrying more than one baby and or have had back and hip pain, these belly support bands prove extremely useful.  With the belly bands, doctors suggest corrective exercises and instruct against positions that increase pain.  While pregnant women find them comfortable, they are not recommended to be worn more than a couple of hours since the core muscles would get used to this support and become weak. It is a great product to assist pregnant ladies tide over excessively painful portions of the day.

4. Soothing lotion for Itchy Skin

Itching and irritated skin is normal during pregnancy and at least a quarter of pregnant women are affected. The stretching of the skin and or hormonal changes may be partly to blame for this condition.  Apart from avoiding warm baths, adding oatmeal to your bath water can help to relieve the itching.  Pregnant women vouch for a number of different lotions that have worked to provide them ‘itch relief’.  Olive oil or lotions containing it, cocoa butter lotions, non-perfumed massage oils, aloe vera gel and lotions with oat extracts are all highly recommended and effective for this condition.  These lotions also keep the skin soft, restore its moisture and repair the damage caused by stretching.

maternity care

5. Slip on or slide on Shoes

Most women during pregnancy will have swollen feet making the shoes and sandals they own tight and extremely distressing.  With the added weight, the legs and feet get severely stressed and it is best to wear shoes that are made of soft leather or fabric.  Shoes that do not need to be laced or buckled are the best since it is tough to bend forwards while pregnant.  Bending over can also cause serious distress to the foetus.  There are many options to choose from in slip on shoes in a variety of bright colours and the softer they are, it will be easier for them to adapt to the new shape and size of your feet.

Getting and remaining relaxed during pregnancy is one of the biggest challenges women face. We hope that these products will go a long way in alleviating the discomfort and pave the way for a happier and snug pregnancy.

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