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Although North India would welcome this change as a much awaited transition from the melancholic hazy and bitter cold weather, temperatures are surely going  to notch up. Those days are not far off when the rest of country  is going to find itself in a dichotomy that will leave them wondering this question “were they  better off dying of hypothermia instead “  bit too extreme ?? Well  ask the guy heading to office in the scorching 45 degrees in the buses or the more sophisticated waiting inside their cars with the AC in full blast till their battery wears out.  Such is the contrast in the climate across our country with temperatures as low as 15 degree in some remote regions in Kashmir that are completely compensated even if one moves just slightly across the plains down to South India where humidity takes over. Infact, this unique placement on this planet coming in line with the equator  has made this country a travel enthusiast  premier destination to embrace nature’s  finest and most intriguing and varied landscapes.

There aren’t too many places like that but do we really know our country, do we really get the time to go around and most importantly do we really care ? How far  has an average Indian caught  the bug of generating that curiosity to go beyond, explore boundaries and develop that spirit for adventure to break the monotony of the urban set up?  Here we give you a few suggestions that cater to the need of giving  you one safe travel tip along with one never before heard travel destination.

Ganipatipule Beach, Maharashtra


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This is one of the most cleanest and idyllic majestic beaches running along the Konkan coast attracting beach goers or pilgrims amongst others. Besides the clean water the place is embedded in rich flora and fauna. This place is a must visit during winters with temperatures dropping to much milder levels. It especially comes alive during peak festivals seasons like Holi, Diwali and Gudi padwa. Summers also attract tourists to visit this place of beauty.

Safety tip: Mosquito repellent lotion –of the finest quality  that ensures freedom from unexpected bites or diseases.

Almora , Uttarakhand


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A quiet cantonement town in the uphills of Uttarakhand which is strangely not enough in the top priorities among the hill stations for many Indians looking for an ideal retreat and escape in the laps of Himalayas. With this town still untouched by commercialization, its alluring natural beauty  is an idle amalgamation of culture ,cuisine and wildlife especially for people looking for a quick nearby getaway. Places of interest include Jageshwar dam, Kasar Devi temple, Zero point, archaeological museum amongst others.

Safety tip : Personal water filter –a unique filtering processor that proves to be extremely handy especially when dehydrated. It also lets you filter water directly from puddles and streams.

Khajjiar , Chamba


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Khajjiar is often called the Switzerland of India which is a famous hill station in Chamba placed among the majestic Deodar forests. This unique spot offers visitors a combination of variant eco systems –lakes, pastures, forests or wildlife. Places of interest are Khajjiar lake, Kalatop Khajjiar sanctuary, Kailash view, Panch Pandav tree and many others.

Safety tip : Hydration bag – as the name suggests,  this emergency travel tool can help store upto to 2 litres of water especially for people who have a liking for hiking and other adventure activities.

Spiti valley, Himachal

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A desert mountain located in Himachal Pradesh situated at the altitude of 12524 feet above sea level. This is home to the most scenic and oldest monasteries, alpine land in our country. The ambience of this place is surely set to make you forget your worries, anxiety and stress atleast for the 2 -3 days of your visit. A must visit for phtographers looking for inspiration and serious breathtaking shots. In many ways Spiti is even more remote than Ladakh, but buses run over the Kunzum La from Manali from July to mid-October, the Hindustan–Tibet Highway to Kaza is practically  open all year.

Safety tip : A multi functional car safety tool – an extremely significant  compact tool that includes accessories like flashlight, siren, seat belt cutters, window breakers that one can use in case of emergencies.

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