Travel Essentials For A Comfortable Trip


For any person, working 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, traveling to beautiful places is a very welcome thought. But, traveling to an unknown destination, without much help and support, is not always a sweet memory. You may experience some beautiful moments while also suffering certain uncomfortable situations which can thoroughly drain you out. But, a wise traveler will always have basic traveling essentials that help in making your trip comfortable and pleasing.

Here are 10 basic travelling essentials that you should carry with you every time you are going on a trip. These are travel essentials that will help enhance your comfort level during the trip, keeping you fresh always.

  1. A Good travel pillow

Choose a good travel pillow that will help you avoid sprains in the neck and helping you sleep peacefully. However, you have to make sure that you choose a good travel pillow for your trips.

  1. Eye Mask

Always carry an eye mask when traveling. Although considered not very important by most travelers, an eye mask allows you to shun the light around you, helping you to sleep whenever you want, without switching off the lights in the area around.

  1. No noise Ear Plugs

Can you sleep amidst huge noise? Well, not most people can. Thus, it is best to carry a no noise ear plugs with you to help you stay away from the noises around you. May it be crying babies, talkative passengers, etc. you can still sleep without any headache.

  1. A travel blanket

What do you need to feel comfy? A light and soft blanket. Yes, whether you are traveling by car, plane or train, a small travel blanket rightly helps you feel cozy and warm during your trip.

  1. ipad/ Kindle

Always carry your ipad or your kindle, to keep yourself busy with your favorite books, magazines or blogs. You will always enjoy yourself when you stay engrossed in your favorite pass-time.

  1. Battery pack

Always keep your battery pack with you when traveling. This will allow you to keep your mobiles and ipad charged up at all times, helping you to stay entertained.

  1. Sanitation bag

Comfort and hygiene are two very different needs for a traveler, but both very important. in order to ensure your hygiene, you need a small sanitation kit that may include a small soap, hand sanititzer, toilet seat sanitizer & wipes, anti-septic creams, etc. This bag will also help you stay away from infections, especially the ones caused due to dirty hands.

  1. Skin Care Kit

A soft and clear skin always makes you feel pampered and relaxed. Thus, it is important that you carry a good skin care kit. Make sure the kit has a face-wash, cream, sunscreen and a mosquito repellent to avoid insect bites.

  1. Small Snacks Bag

When you are traveling, you have no idea whether or not you will find a small tea stall nearby for snacks. There are certain places where you will hardly find a store or an eatery for miles. This is the main reason why it is considered best to always carry a small bag of snacks in your travel bag to avoid hunger.

  1. Compression Socks

A lot of people, when traveling suffer from swelling in their feet. This can be treated by wearing a compression socks which will keep the swelling at bay, making you feel relaxed and warm.

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This post was previosuly posted on 12 August 2015