Travel Tips For Moms Going Out With Toddlers

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Every woman loves traveling, but when the thought occurs of carrying your toddler along with you, your desires cry off. As a mother of a young toddler, you often face several obstacles while on a trip with your child like eating issues, sanitary problems, etc. At times, you get pissed off and choose never to travel again. But this is not the solution. Being a mom you need to find out all possible solutions to tackle with your mama woes.

Many mothers miss out the enjoyment of traveling places because of their toddlers. At places I have seen mothers carrying their child so comfortably. This makes me think how they manage to stay so calm. Well, the main reason behind that comfort is they keep their child contended with the things he/she needs. I spoke with young mothers in my acquaintance and they shared with me a few very practical tips. Here I list them down for all you moms who are going out with their toddlers for the first time.

Carry toys and stuffs those are new to your kid

Kids don’t prefer to play with something they have already spent time with because they find it monotonous. He already knows how the toy works and sees it often. Do you love reading the same magazine again and again? The same goes with your young one. It is best to pack something unseen and interesting for your kid that he has never seen before. At least he would stay busy for an interval discovering how it operates and what lies in it for him.

Carry your laptop or iPad with lots of fun apps and videos

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Nowadays kids are addicted to technology. No, I don’t favor your child sticking to a tab or laptop, but that’s a harsh truth we can’t deny. Young kids today easily operate the apps on smart phones and you can leave it liberally with them. Before you leave on a trip with your tech-savvy kid, download a few fun and entertaining apps and videos on your phone/iPad for your kid. In case he does not know how to operate it, you can show it to him. Pack your device with some funny videos and show them to him whenever he is a little cranky. This will save him from tediousness.

Proper feeding and hygiene

Toddlers mostly blubber when they are hungry. Traveling often ruins their feeding schedule and they start bawling out of hunger. Keep some healthy and tasty snacks inside your bag to feed him after an interval. Packs of apple or orange flavored juices or ORS can be given without any hassle as they can sip it easily. If you give your child any healthy food drinks then keep it in a feeding bottle so that it can be given at a later time. A milk storage container like Nuby Milk Storage bottles is a great option to store milk since they are specifically made for mothers who don’t have time for breastfeeding. Alternatively, if you are breastfeeding your child then you can carry a Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump that is an ideal product for occasional use. You can pump your breast milk with this and store in the container.

Hygiene is another big issue that mothers generally face. Use regular diapers like Johnson’s Baby Nappy Pads to protect them from wetness. If your kid is allergic to nappy pads and gets frequent rashes then you can carry a baby pot for his sanitary needs.

Use baby carrier or sling for comfort

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Baby carriers are a very useful tool to carry your baby around. You just need to make your baby wear it and then you have to put it on as a jacket. It frees your hands and spares you the pain while keeping your baby comfortable.

Traveling is fun but only if your toddler is happy. Make sure the next time you travel, you are mindful about the above mentioned tips and tricks. Do you follow a specific regime when baby’s on board?

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Share them with us in the comments section below. Young mothers won’t be able to thank you enough!

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