Trek N Ride Motorcycle Tank bag

Tank Bag

Are you a travel enthusiast? Does every weekend see you plan a road journey, with you and your friends on the bike? Love that travel streak in you? And when you travel do you hate shifting that heavy rucksack that keeps slipping off the bike? If you have answered yes, to most of the questions, we have the perfect option for you! This stylish travel accessory is perfect for the biker in you.

Invest in this resourceful, sleek, stylish piece of luggage fits comfortably on all bikes that have a metallic tank.

Motorcycle Tank Bag 300 x 300 pxThis tank bag is big enough to carry the basic essentials and a change of clothes. This sleek bag has two external pouches that work as a detailed organizer for your wallet, keys, wallet, swiss knife, compass and other small items that you may require when you are travelling. The shoulder strap can be used as a sling bag when not kept on the tank of the bike. The Trek N Ride Motorcycle tank bag can hold up to 16 kilos of weight allowing you to store basics like clothes and other accessories that you may require when travelling short distances on the bike.

This bag has a stylish rain cover that makes your bag completely waterproof and protects it in the rain too. The solid magnets in this sleek bag help to hold the bag firmly and securely on the mettalic tank. You will need to yank it off in one pull when you want to pull it off the tank.

So, whether you are the adventure biker or just the office going biker, the Trek N Ride Motorcycle tank bag should be your perfect all year round companion.

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