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Have you decided to spend some time in the wilderness this year? Gearing up for some camping and treks that will take you to new places to explore? For those who love camping, you will know that camping is more than just carrying the basic equipment like your camping gear for shelter, and food and fuel for protection.

You need to choose the right camping gear to make your trek not just an enjoyable, but also a comfortable experience. Quechua, one of the leading brands that specialises is making comfortable camping equipment designs their products keeping in mind that the camping gear that suits your comfort level and your budget.

Our camping experts recommend these products from Quechua, the latest brand that we have added at

quechua Tents onlineQuechua T3 Plus Tent

The Quechua T3 Plus Tent is designed to house three adults from the cold night air. This dome shaped tent is waterproof and has one main room inside it. There are two vents that allow fresh air to flow through it. The hollow pole used to prop up the tent is made of high quality fiberglass. This sturdy tent comes with a polyethylene groundsheet that allows you to spread the beds without getting it dirty. The door of the tent fully opens which provides ample room to carry things into and out of the tent.

Priced at INR  4,999, you can buy Quechua T3 Plus Tent from SafetyKart here. You can also watch a demo of how to set this tent up hereQuechua has a wide range of camping tents starting from INR 2500 onwards. You can choose the camping gear that suits your style and budget.

Online BackpacksBackpacks

Backpacks are an essential part of your trek! We’ve written exhaustively on how to choose the right backpack for your camping here. Quechua has a wide variety of backpacks too starting from INR 1400 onwards. The backpacks are waterproof and designed multiple pockets for efficiently accommodating all your essential accessories. You can find a variety of backpacks and choose the one that fits your budget.  The Quechua Forclaz 30 Backpack is one of the fastest selling items and an absolute favourite with the backpackers! It is detailed with well-ventilated back, tensioners and a chest strap for ease of transport. This hiking backpack is also easy to clean and maintain.

Priced at INR 1529, you can buy this back pack here.

Sleeping Bags OnlineSleeping bags

Wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing more relaxing than a sound sleep at the end of a tiring trek?  It is important to choose the right sleeping bag because it is going to provide the much required comfort at night. A sleeping bag needs to be snug and provide adequate warmth from the cold weather. THis rectangular shaped sleeping bag is roomy and comfortable inside. Make it a point to check the temperature control before you buy the sleeping bag.

Priced at 3499, this sleeping bag can be bought from Safetykart here.

duffle bagStop Over bags

When you are trekking as a group and have breaks in between, this bag is the perfect solution to transport all the trekking equipment.  This high-capacity durable bag features a large opening and detachable shoulder strap that allows you stash it away as luggage when you are travelling.

Priced at INR 2699, you can buy this bag here

Interested in more? Click here to view the entire range of Quechua products we have at SafetyKart. 

About the Brand

The Quechua brand, which was borne of a passion for the mountains and mountain environments. Their location at the foot of the Mont Blanc reflects this spirit: we are close to the mountains and our users. Ideal for listening, sharing and making the mountains more accessible in a sustainable way, thanks to practical, more affordable and safer products. This aspiration goes hand in hand with a deep sense of responsibility. The mountains are their playground, and their open-air laboratory. We must protect this environment. This comes through in our awareness of the environmental impact of our activities, and by educating our users. It’s a challenge Quechua must rise to.

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