Unconventional Ways Of Beating Stress


There are a number of activities which are known as best stress relieving or de stressors; these activities are sleeping, listening music, taking long walks, taking green tea and taking hot bath and so on. If you have tried these ideas for beating your stress but could not get rid of the stress, there are some other unconventional ways for beating your stress, they will surely help you beat stress and make your life happy.

Rub Your Ear Lobes – Rubbing your ear lobes is a great way to get rid of stress. You need to do it only for 2 minutes, and you will feel your stress vanishing. When ear lobes are rubbed slowly and gently, it helps release endorphins in our brain, that’s what makes us feel stress-free and calm. Use your thumb and index finger to massage your ear lobes; rub outer edge of the ear long with the skull’s bony part. Such ear lobes message relaxes muscles of your face and body, which helps change your mood. Thus, 2 minutes message of your ear lobes helps you feel free from stress.

Schedule For Being Worry – It is also an unconventional way to keep you away from stress. What you need to do is to train your mind to be worry at fixed time. You need to control yourself from being worry until that particular time every day. You can schedule for your stress as per your wish; you can allow your mind for getting stressful at time of taking bath or doing exercise or any other activity. Once, you make schedule for it and you stick with it firmly, you will feel rest of your day free from stress. In the beginning, it may seem somewhat difficult, but after some time, it would be much easy.

Taking Orange Juice – Orange Juice can also help you lot for keeping you away from the stress. It has been proved that orange juice is a great stress reducer. In a research, it is found that orange juice is very helpful to stop production of the hormone which is responsible for stress, which is called ‘Cortisol’. In the research which was conducted by the researchers of Alabama University, rats were given 200 milligram vitamin C twice in a day, and it is found that the production of hormone ‘Cortisol’ stopped in the rats. So, to stay free from the stress, you should take around 2 eight-ounce glasses of orange juice.

Keep Laughing – Laughing is useful for everyone, there are many benefits of laughing. One of them is that it makes your mood better. It is always said that laughter is great medicine. It is highly recommended that everyone must watch a comedy or read jokes time to time as they are helpful to keep you away from stress and make you happy.

Bend Your Toes And Body – Curling your toes and body is also very useful way that can help you keep free from stress. You need to bend your toes as forcefully as you can bear. You need to repeat the same with your muscle group. You have to keep holding your toes for at least 15 seconds. You should also wrinkle your nose and face as forcefully as you can bear.

Involve In Rhythmic and Repetitive Activities – Such activities have also seen very helpful for removing stress from your mind. Doing any rhythmic and repetitive things keep you away from the stress; actually these activities divert your mind from your stress so you feel calm. You can pet your dog or iron your clothes. These are some those activities which are done with totally focused mind, so you do not think about the things that bother you, and you becomes stress free.

Stress is a situation of our mind in which we over-think about something, which causes trouble for us. We feel a lot of pressure on ourselves, and we feel unable to cope with it. It is a part of our daily life. We need to handle it carefully. Besides above mentioned activities, you can also do things like making list, painting, or screaming out. All these activities are considered to be very useful for beating your stress. So, try anyone of these activities, whenever you feel stressed.

Feature Image Source: shirleypalmer.com