Using A Respiratory Nebulizer For Your Baby


With the birth of a child, the only one wish that all parents pray for, is his/her complete health, including physical and other overall health. However, millions of babies are born with respiratory issues and are forced to use a nebulizer that helps them to take their medications rightly and also cope up with their birth problems. Pediatricians use a nebulizer widely in order to ensure that the medications are rightly inserted into the new baby’s body, thus ensuring their good health. But, while the doctors use them with great ease, it gets a bit scary for parents to see their kids in a respiratory nebulizer. This article here, is rightly dedicated in helping the new parents understand the importance of a nebulizer and how it helps their kids.

What is a Respiratory Nebulizer?

A respiratory nebulizer is a small machine that converts a liquid medicine into mist which is instantly transmitted into the baby’s lungs and shows immediate reaction in the baby’s health. The instrument is more widely used for asthma patients and children suffering from certain respiratory health problems. However, with the increasing health risks and health problems involving babies, paediatricians allow these nebulizers to be used at home, during emergencies. Thus, it gets overly important for all parents to learn about respiratory nebulizers, how they are used, when and why. So, here are the details that you need to know. Read them and follow them, especially if you have kid who has respiratory diseases.

– Get a high quality respiratory nebulizer that is prescribed especially by your doctor. The market has numerous types of such nebulizers available which makes it all the way more difficult for the parents to choose. However, when it is described by your paediatrician, you can simply relax and buy the one suggested.

– Every manufacturer includes a small assembly instruction booklet. Read it carefully and follow the instructions to be sure that you have assembled it rightly.

– Once it has been assembled, bring it and the baby’s medicine together. Sit on a chair and comfortably access the machine.

– Hold your baby in one arm keeping the head a little higher and make sure you are comfortable enough along with your baby to complete the procedure without any problems.

– Slowly add the medicine into the nebulizer cup and in case it needs dilation, add some saline into it, only if prescribed by your doctor.

– Very carefully place the nebulizer mask on your little baby’s face, making sure it fits rightly on his face. Kids usually act irritated with such instruments around them. In such a case, you might simply hold the mask on your baby’s face and sing a lullaby to ease him/her.

– Finally, turn on the nebulizer to administrate the medication into your baby. This procedure usually takes almost as much as 10 minutes. Constantly keep a check on the mist in the mask. Once the mist disappears, understand that the procedure of administrating the medicine has been finished. Now turn off the nebulizer and then remove the mask from your baby’s face.

– Never feed your baby just PRIOR to using a nebulizer. The food followed by the mist may make your baby cough and also vomit all his food.

– Remember to follow the instructions to cleanse your nebulizer carefully with the help of the booklet provided by the manufacturer along with the machine. Cleaning it after everytime you use, only helps increase the hygiene and good health of your baby.

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