Vacation Ends-School Begins

Back To School

All those days of rest, playfulness, tantrums and fun have almost come to an end. Schools are about to reopen. New books, school bags, school shoes, uniform and yeah new teachers sound exciting. Oh! how can we forget about our long time crushes whom we get to see after the memorable and fun are the schooldays! So excited!!

Making fun, pulling each other’s leg, annoying our teachers, being scolded by teachers for any nuisance, boring lectures, school pool lunch among many other such sweet memories are always cherishing which make us nostalgic. So, lets make our school days fun with safety and care.

Ready To Go To School?

Following road safety is must while going to and fro school. Prevent accidents and lead happy lives!

Back to School Tips

Sharing Food Is Love

Woah!! Anisha has cup cakes and muffins in her lunch box, Rahul has garlic noodles..yummm!!, Rishi has fruit salad, Aryan has Chhole Bhature!! I’m hungry!!

Lunch Safety

Lets Play Safe

Its truly said: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. 
Kabaddi, football, badminton, khokho or race, every game has its own spirit and fun. Playing is fun only when safety is its priority. 

Playground Safety

I dearly miss my school days and so does every school pass out. Make it memorable to cherish the days once you leave that boundary.

Illustrations By: Bhavya