Water Purification Systems: A Need For Urbanization!!

Water Purification Systems

No one was aware that nature can take revenge like this in Chennai. The crowded city is now in peace, waiting for the rain to stop. Its time to help our country people who are suffering from flood. They are not getting pure water to drink by being there in water from days. The whole world is praying for the city to get back to its normal state. We cannot beat nature but we can help them in overcoming their sleepless nights. Water Purification Systems like Personal Water Filter is therefore a must in the urban areas.

Water is the basic need for all the people on this globe. Purity in water is must. Water Purification Systems are designed especially when you are in the situation where pure water is not available. From this, the water is purified and free from harmful contaminants thus, allowing you to stay healthy even during the most toughest times. So, here are a few water purification tips which can come in handy. Carry any of these water purification systems and drink clean and pure water without the fear of falling sick. Therefore, SafetyKart is sharing some important water purification tips which can help in making their tough situations a bit relaxed.

Personal water filter – Lifestraw

There are a lot of new instruments available these days that allow people to drink purified water everywhere they go. These are called personal water filters which can be used by individuals only. Lifestraw for instance is one of the most widely used water filters among campers. It is the simplest, easiest and also the quickest solutions for purifying water.

An award winning water purifier, the product removes a good 99.999% bacteria and surpasses the EPA standards perfectly. The filter also successfully removes 99.9% waterborne Protozoan parasites  which cause several types of stomach infections. The lifestraw helps filters upto 1000 liters of contaminated water, clearing all chemicals including chlorine.

Some other tips for backpackers and campers

Carry a bigger water Bottle

If you are going for a day or two’s camp, it is ideal to simply carry a bigger water bottle that can allow you to store enough water for 2 days. However, this is just an ideal tip when you are somewhere near the city area and not too far into the woods. Carrying a bigger bottle is not apt when you are trekking up the mountain.

Boil water

This is a simple yet very effectual way of drinking clean and purified water. Boil the available water from a lake or a flowing stream on your small portable stove. Boiling kills the bacteria, parasites and the Giardia that are harmful for our health. Boil for at least 1 minute (when at sea level) and for 7 minutes (above sea level).

Use Two-Way water treatments

Not all water purification procedures give you pure drinking water in the wilds. They carry a little impurity in them. But, if you wish to treat the water perfectly, you need to follow a two-way water treatment procedure, such as chlorine filtration and UV light treatment.

This way you can surely have high quality pure drinking water.

UV irradiation

Stir the UV wand in your collected drinking water for 1 minute. This will treat the water, making the microorganisms sterile and the water safe for drinking.


Treat the drinking water with chlorine and iodine. This is the basic and most commonly followed water treatment procedures ever. However, it also has a drawback. The chemicals take 30 minutes to as long as 4 hours to purify the water and also alters the taste of the water.

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